Reel Rider: Rapid Link Slot Ain’t Messing Around with Those Wins!

A new biker-themed slot has come out, and of course, it has a rock ‘n roll soundtrack and a dude with long gray hair. What’s up with biker stereotypes?

Let me set the record straight. My dad is a lifelong Harley-head… He loves rock ‘n roll and has long gray hair. He also has rings on all his fingers and wears all-black leather (to a child’s birthday party).

This is the biker code, so why not dabble with it a bit for the chance to win huge jackpots in Reel Rider: Rapid Link slot? Who knows, Route 66 might be your lucky destination.

Hey bikers!

One thing I have learned about slots and themes is that they’re there to attract people with specific interests.

So, if you’re reading this, it is very likely that you are a heavyweight gang member of the Hells Angels or someone who loves to feel the wind in their hair.

And if you’re neither of those people but a fruit slot spinner looking for something different, then welcome – it’s great to have you.

This NetGame slot is pretty basic in design and gameplay. But it offers big jackpots, lucrative bonuses, and a Hold & Win feature which everyone always loves. More on that now.


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Live free with free spins

Another biker code. And what better way to live free than with free spins (and a trillion dollars)? Just kidding, a trillion dollars is not on offer, but 10 free spins are.

Touching on my point of this 96.11% RTP slot being basic in its gameplay, is the lack of Buy Bonus feature. You’re just going to have to ride it out like they did in the Stone Age of slot games until you land 3 Scatter symbols on the reels to trigger the free spins bonus.

Once you’re in, it’s pretty cool. You’ll see Wild Bike symbols revving on the reels for each spin of the bonus, and of course they help us get those lucky wins in.


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Ready for Rapid Link jackpots?

I was too… But this medium volatility slot just refused to award me with the Rapid Link Bonus (even after 1,400 spins). Hence, I was rid of the opportunity to try for a jackpot.

But, hey, you could have more luck, skill, and concentrated power of will. The Grand Jackpot is worth 1,000x your bet, so I’ll say it might be worth staying for. I only left because I had to come and write this article.

Anyway, my dear biker dudes, this is a bonus round you’re going to want to get in, and here’s how…

4 or more Cash Spheres trigger the bonus and will stay on the reels for the full round. Your goal is to collect as many of these spheres as you can with the hopes of having a Jackpot Cash Sphere grace your reels.


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Be a badass!

As you can see, Reel Rider: Rapid Link slot can dish out some serious dough, and there’s so much more where that came from.

There are not loads of biker slots out there, so I’m glad for this addition (even though it isn’t the most technologically advanced game I’ve ever seen).

I think you might like it… The wins and features are totally worth trying this new slot out. So, do it at BitStarz.