Stop, Collaborate and Play the New Dice Dice Baby Slot!

Ever wondered what happened to Vanilla Ice? Since the release of Dice Dice Baby slot, I decided to Google this one-hit-wonder and see what he’s up to these days.

He’s been doing some cool stuff – like professional jet-skiing and a bunch of pretty desperate reality shows, including “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish”.

There’s no doubt he’s still super famous, and what do famous people do? They stop, collaborate, and listen. But Van Winkle’s collaboration has to be the weirdest one I’ve seen.

He designed chandeliers and wall lamps with a lighting company. This is random. He loves home improvement, so I guess it fits for an ex-90s rapper to “bling it on” with some sweet sconces.

If you aren’t into interior decor, Booming’s new Dice Dice Baby slot is probably more up your alley.

Vanilla Ice is classic and so is this slot

The song “Ice Ice Baby” came out before I was born. But that doesn’t really matter, because everyone knows it. It’s like “Achy Breaky Heart”. Those songs you cannot unhear.

I’d call it a classic, and I suppose Booming Games would too, considering they have stuck to the good old Bars, Sevens, and Bells for the theme. Except this is a modern take on a classic slot – with 6 reels, cool bonus features, and a Buy Bonus option.

Unfortunately we don’t get Van Winkle dancing in low-res graphics for us here, but the soundtrack isn’t too far off.

Also, it’s all about the dice… And I know so many players who are looking for cool games to play – so maybe this is it.


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Roll the dice for mad money

In this high volatility slot, you could win up to €125,000. So, look out for its big feature – the Dice Dice Baby feature.

This can be triggered at random on any main game spin, and for every bonus spin. Here’s how it works…

Between 1 and 6 Dice could be rolled in a green game board, and the numbers thrown will turn their corresponding reel number into a Wild Reel. So if you land 1,2, and 6, then all three will turn completely Wild.

If you throw two of the same numbers, then that reel will be boosted with a multiplier – on top of the Wild Reel, giving you an awesome opportunity to make bank like Vanilla Ice did with that one song.


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The free spins are funky too

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for a while now, and it’s more funk and less rap, but that’s ok. It’s a good vibe – and probably way more current than Ice Ice Baby anyway.

The bonus feature in Dice Dice Baby slot is a set of 8 Free Spins where the Dice Dice Baby feature is guaranteed to occur in every round. For me, this is what makes the free games so dynamic… Wild Reels, Multiplied Reels, time and time again.

It’s fresh and fun. And you can also purchase it whenever you want using the Buy Bonus button.


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How’s your net worth?

I found it really interesting that despite having a €12 million net worth – Van Winkle, aka, Vanilla Ice resorted to selling lights. With that said, the most expensive piece from his “line” is €1,400. Not bad. Not bad.

What’s also not bad, is spinning the classically cool Dice Dice Baby slot for wins at BitStarz. It has a 95.4% RTP by the way, and we have the early release. So play it right here, today!