Roll with Provably Fair Piratey Wins in Crown & Anchor Slot!

If you’ve ever wondered how pirates passed the time aboard their galleons while sailing from port to port, you wouldn’t be alone. They did spend a great deal of that time pillaging and plundering passing ships, but they also had a lot of down time between raids.

To pass the time, pirates like Blackbeard and Sir Francis Drake would have rolled the dice and played a classic game that goes by the name of Crown & Anchor. Experience the pirate life as you roll the dice in Crown & Anchor slot, right here at BitStarz!

Pick Your Symbols and Roll to Win!

Life in Crown & Anchor is actually rather simple, playing more like a table game than a slot, if truth be told. To begin in this rather exciting game, simply select your chip size and pick up to three symbols to place your bet on. To do this, all you have to do is click the board on the right-hand side of the play area.

Once you’re happy with your bet selection. Simply hit play and roll the dice. One matching symbol pays 1:1, two matching symbols pays 2:1 and three matching symbols pays 3:1. Obviously it pays to place bets on fewer symbols, as if you place on all three then you need to land three matches to break even.

Play Now

With a max bet of €10, you are limited to a max win of €30 plus your stake, making it a rather low-paying game. That being said, Crown & Anchor is a provably fair game, meaning you can check the results of your last round using the generated hashes to prove that you’ve not been diddled. As a side note, Crown & Anchor carries an RTP of 92.13%, so bear this in mind when you’re rolling the dice.

A Barrel of Fun for All

Crown & Anchor doesn’t require much effort to play, making it the perfect game to play if you’re binge watching your favorite Netflix series and playing on your phone to keep you going in-between pirate action scenes. The graphics and animations are flawless, with the soundtrack in the background cranking up that pirate atmosphere to a level where we’re actually considering buying a boat and becoming a pirate.

There’s plenty of fun to be had in Crown & Anchor, but if you’re chasing the legendary big win, you’re not going to find it in Crown & Anchor.