Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with New LolliPop Slot

Who hasn’t had that dream of living in a candy-filled world where everything is edible, and everything is delicious. I mean, you have to worry about losing a limb to diabetes, but that would be a small price to pay to have candyfloss bushes and cola rain.

Enter this fantasy world and grab the sweetest wins around in Lollipop slot from AvatarUX.

A Sugar Rush worth revisiting

In the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, our clumsy protagonist ends up in a game called Sugar Rush. This racing game is set in a candy-filled world where every single element is edible and delicious.


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If you saw the movie, LolliPop slot from AvatarUX will look suspiciously familiar. They haven’t included any adorable characters like in the movie, but the bright pink candy land imagined for the movie is brought to life once again for this slot, and I’m not mad about it. It’s a great place to spend some time. I do suggest grabbing some sweet snacks before you get started because this one will give you some cravings.

A lifetime supply of candy

There’s nothing sweeter than a few great bonus features, and LolliPop has what your sweet tooth has been craving.

During the base game, each symbol involved in a winning combination will be replaced by two symbols increasing the reel height. The maximum reel height in the base game is five rows, while during a round of free spins, it gets boosted up to seven rows.


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Unsurprisingly, to unlock a round of free spins, you’ll need to grab three or more scatter symbols. Once you unlock a round of free spins, you are given the option to start your round, gamble for an extra life and an extra row, or pay to unlock the max reward of five lives with five rows.

Much like a Hold & Win feature, the LolliPop slot’s free spins will continue to spin until you do not add a new sweet symbol to the reels. When that happens, you lose a life. Once you’ve lost all your lives, your round of free spins is over.

Then there are the special symbols. If a heart symbol pops up on the reels, you’ll gain an extra life. Plus, if multiple of the same value scatter symbols appear on the reels, the symbols will be upgraded to a higher value. This all adds up to some sweet wins!

Is Lollipop slot a treat or sickly sweet?

LolliPop slot is a treat. The graphics are candied goodness that will have you popping out to the store for a pack of your favorite sweets. Plus, the gameplay is fun and unique enough that you probably won’t find something like it anywhere else. This in addition to a €130,000 max payout on bets of just €10 makes this slot look like it’s good enough to eat.

Now the important bit. The slot offers a not unimpressive 96% RTP rating with a 13,000x max multiplier. However, this is all saddled with super high volatility, and this means that despite the great bonus features and possibility for big wins, you’re likely going to have to get through long dry spells between wins.

If you’re looking for other candy-filled slots, I recommend giving Sweet Alchemy and Candy Monsta a try.