Take back the cash in Revolution slot!

Planet of the Apes with a sinister twist. These mafia monkeys have been exposed to some sort of lab experiments and have started taking over in Revolution slot. Stop them before the human race becomes totally extinct!

Fortunately, this slot provides a few weapons of your own to grab the loot from these Super-Apes. Let’s have a look at how we whack these apes and make it big in this slot from Booming Games.

The Super-Ape Rebellion

We have 4 reels to get the job done. A few of the symbols are made up of some Monkey Mafia characters with red eyes. It seems whatever substances they have come in contact with has mutated them into monster Super-Apes.

On the reels, you will notice a few symbols related to their rebellion. A newspaper with a front-page headline “Super-Apes Take Over” is the Wild symbol. This symbol will substitute for all others except the Scatter and Special symbols.


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We also find a woman tied to a chair, a human skull carved into an ashtray, and a jar with an experimental ape fetus. Yuck! The Special symbol is the Capitol Building of the United States. The Scatter seems to be some sort of tank with fluid inside. This must be the substance that has mutated these horrifying apes.

The Scatter and Special symbols both unlock some exciting features, so keep the high volatility in mind when chasing these bonus games as you could end up with a massive €269,680 max win!

Gorilla Warfare with free spins

The Special symbol will unlock the rotator feature. 2 Or more of the Capitol building symbols will make the reels rotate and shift around for more winning combos. This feature comes in very handy when there are no paying combinations. These symbols will reposition the symbols in different positions and shoot some payouts in your direction. The 95.6% RTP will have you snatching the money back from the apes.


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You will even see one of them standing next to the reels and screaming “Revolution” as this happens, so shout it straight back at him and pocket the bucks while he watches. Now for something that’s going to get the primate’s blood boiling.

3 Or more of the Scatter symbols will unlock the free games. Once this happens, you will receive 10 free spins to “stick it” to the apes. Before you commence with your free games you have the option to gamble for more. Take this opportunity if you’re feeling lucky.

Enough monkeying around – start winning now!

This slot will certainly have you sitting on the edge of your seat with excitement. The max win of €269,680 should be enough motivation to fight through this Super-Ape army and get your reward. This is a very well-designed slot, the graphics are exceptional and a lot of thought went into the theme.

This slot can also be played on mobile devices so grab the massive wins wherever you may be. It’s time to take the earth back from these ambitious monkeys – so get straight to it and play Revolution slot today!