The Lakota Sioux Never Surrender In Little Bighorn Slot

You’ve likely heard about Custer’s Last Stand. If not, the basic premise is that this guy General Custer grabbed 700 of his men and went to battle against 2,000 Lakota Sioux warriors. Needless to say, he got his ass kicked. Weirdly, his stupidity and willingness to sacrifice his men’s lives for no reason is seen as a heroic act. Who knew stupidity was heroic?

Experience the bloody Battle of the Little Bighorn from the point of view of the Sioux in Nolimit City’s latest attempt to offend everyone in Little Bighorn slot.

Are you ready for some controversy?

Let’s get the most controversial element of the slot out of the way first. The Scalp Wild can only land on the five-symbol reel and when it does, it will be nudged to its full height while all American soldiers on the reels are sculpted transforming the symbols into wilds. For each position the Scalp Wild is nudged down, a 1x multiplier will be added to the new wilds. The fact that Nolimit City actually included an animation of the soldiers getting sculpted is wild.


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The slot also has two sets of free spins. The first is triggered by the appearance of three or more Totem scatter symbols and awards eight free spins. During free spins, Scalp Wilds will be sticky. Additionally, if you land a No Mercy scatter during free spins, you’ll activate Spirit Call Free Spins and receive two more free spins.

If you’re going to unlock Spirit Call Free Spins the old-fashioned way, you need to grab three or more Totem scatter symbols and a No Mercy scatter on the same spin. During a round of Spirit Call Free Spins, each of the Native American characters will have their own special bonus feature.

  • Sitting Bull – Turns his symbols into expanding wilds.
  • Crazy Horse – Turns his symbols into normal wilds with multipliers.
  • Two Moons – Turns his symbols into normal wilds.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for scalping, you can also select to utilize the buy bonus feature. The feature offers the chance to purchase plain old Scalp Spins or even Spirit Call Free Spins. There is also an option to pay a little more than a round of Scalp Spins for a chance to receive either Scalp Spins or the Spirit Call Free Spins.

Is Little Bighorn slot Custer or the Sioux?

Ah, Nolimit City how you love causing trouble. Little Bighorn slot is more controversy from the kings of the controversial – in the slot world at least. The slot is interesting with some novel bonus features and great graphics for the most part. Is it Nolimit City’s best? No, I don’t think so. That is a very high bar, though. It’s definitely worth checking out to see the scalping feature if nothing else.

Like most Nolimit City slots, Little Bighorn slot has extreme volatility. This means that unless you utilize the buy bonus feature, you’ll like be waiting around for a long time between bonus feature triggerings. The slot does have a fairly healthy 96.06% RTP and a rather large max multiplier of 25,676x.

If you’re looking for a few other controversial slots from Nolimit City, I recommend giving Mental and Punk Toilet a try. Both are the type of slots that put Nolimit City on the map and has forced them to keep pushing boundaries.