Score Wins on the Open Road in Outlaws Inc Slot

As men, we have an almost primal desire to be the one on the motorbike instead of riding shotgun in the minivan. There’s something about the freedom and danger that taps into an aspect of our psyche that should have long since disappeared as we evolved.

If you are that dad taking the soccer team to practice, fret not. You can feel the digital wind in your hair at BitStarz. So, grab your helmet and jump on your hog as we explore the open roads in Outlaws Inc from Hacksaw Gaming.

Meet the motley crew of Outlaws Inc

Hacksaw Gaming has, over the last six months, shifted to a new art style that is focused on minimalist design that prioritizes the reels and the characters that inhabit them. Outlaws Inc follows that continuing trend.


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The slot’s background seems to be set in an alleyway, but it’s so dark that it appears more like a texture than an actual background. Against this backdrop, the slot is framed by a yellow and black caution line that makes the whole thing pop. The reels themselves are populated by the tools of the trade for a biker gang like brass knuckles and baseball bats, and all the colorful biker characters which include a gorilla, a chicken, and a dog. All in all, the slot has a strong art style that will definitely grab your attention.

Star bars and global multipliers

Unlike a lot of other slots, Outlaws Inc slot doesn’t mess around with a bunch of different bonus features. Instead, in both the base game and free spins, the slot revolves entirely around the star bar and the global multiplier – which are essentially a single bonus feature.

In the base game, any gold star symbol that appears adds between one and three respins to the star bar. The respins are then utilized one at a time. The global multiplier increases with the appearance of purple cougar and green orc symbols and is reset after each spin in the base game. With the appearance of a gorilla symbol on the reels, the global multiplier will be applied to any winning combinations of the spin on which it appeared. The global multiplier will then be reset.

So, that’s the base game. If you get three or more free spin symbols, you will unlock a round of, you guessed it, free spins. The number of free spins you receive depends on the number of free spins symbols you grabbed to unlock the round.


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During each free spin, you will receive between one and three mystery symbols. The symbols will explode to reveal purple cougars, green orcs, gorillas, or even additional gold stars that will add between one and three additional lives (free spins) to your tally. You also have the chance to grab a silver star which will add one blank space to your life counter up to a maximum of seven.

Is this complicated? Hell yes. I really like the idea, but there are a lot of elements that really take some getting used to. However, once you do, it really is a great bonus feature to base a slot on.

Is Outlaws Inc slot on the run or in a rut?

Hacksaw Gaming continues to surprise me. When I launch their games, the simple utilitarian aesthetic always throws me. However, after a few minutes of playing, the interesting bonus features and amazing graphics almost always win me over. Outlaws Inc slot is no different. The slot was surprisingly good, with the different win amount animations being a particular highlight of mine!

The slot does feature high volatility, which will have you waiting a little longer between wins than you’d like. However, with a 96.23% RTP rating and a 10,000x max multiplier, if you have the patience to wait around, it’ll likely be worth your while.

If you’re looking for a few other great titles from Hacksaw Gaming, I recommend giving Chaos Crew and Itero a spin or two.