Search the Desert Sands for Riches in New Luxor Relics Slot

On the banks of the Nile, the Egyptian Empire grew into a powerhouse of the ancient world. With this power, the Pharaohs that ruled were elevated from mere royalty to gods among men. And what did they do with that divine power? Yes, they built the largest example of compensating for something tiny the world has ever seen.

There’s no need to worry about tiny dicks when you play Luxor Relics slot from NetGame, a queen leads this empire!

Are those magic orbs, or are you just happy to see us?

So, let’s get the giant elephant hanging over Luxor Relics slot out the way. The Egyptian queen featured in the slot has an impressive set of magic orbs that jiggle when they appear on the reels. Yes, they’re beautifully illustrated, and no, it really wasn’t necessary to include the jiggling. But, the jiggle is nonetheless there. If you can look past it, there’s a great slot lurking just behind her voluptuous orbs.

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Luxor Relics slot is beautiful! The backdrop appears to be set in the depths of a great temple, with a pair of glowing statues flanking each side of the slot. The symbols that populate the reels are just as impressive, featuring subtle animations that bring the slot to life. If nothing else, Luxor Relics slot is worth taking a look at for the graphics alone.

Do you have what it takes to plunder the Queen’s tomb?

Pharaohs believed that the wealth they were buried with would be carried with them to the afterlife. In reality, these dopes just left the loot behind for grave robbers to help themselves. Now, we’re not advocating for pinching valuables from the graves of long-dead rulers, but if Indiana Jones can do it, you certainly can.

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During base gameplay, the appearance of a mystery pyramid symbol on the reels will set a Fire Frame. These frames will continue to accumulate on the reels until your tenth spin, after which they’ll all turn into wild symbols to complete winning combinations.

If you’re looking for the Pharaoh treasure, you’ll need to grab three or more scatter symbols to unlock a Hold ‘N Link bonus round. Once you do, flaming orbs will start to appear on the reels with a random cash value. The round will continue until no flaming orbs are added over three consecutive spins. Once the round concludes, all the cash values will be tallied to determine your win.

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In addition to standard flaming orbs, during a Hold ‘N Link bonus round, you might just be lucky enough to grab gold or silver orbs. These mystery orbs can award 5x to 100x multipliers or the mini, minor, or major jackpot values.

Does Luxor Relics slot have a place among the gods?

Luxor Relics slot offers exciting bonus features and a more than adequate €59,450 jackpot. The graphics are, however, the star of the show. Although the Egyptian queen is a little more provocative than we thought necessary, the slot’s backdrop, reels, and symbols are all beautifully realized elements of the theme. Put simply, it’s stunning to look at.

With an RTP rating of 96.31% and medium to high volatility, Luxor Relics slot may have you waiting a little longer than you’d like between wins. While you’re waiting, however, you’ll get to enjoy the sensational sights and sounds.

If you’re looking for a few other tombs to plunder, we suggest giving Pharaoh’s Reign, Valley of the Gods, and Story of Egypt a try.