It’s pleasure or pain with Taboo slot

Fetishes… we all have them, right? Some are unique, some are dark, and some are just bizarre. BDSM – don’t act like you don’t know what this stands for… we’ve seen how popular this game is. Endorphina brings risqué bedroom behaviour to the slot screen for all you naughty fellas, with its Taboo slot.

If you’ve been a bad boy and need a little punishing then you’ve come to the right place. This dominatrix has a special room just for you, and her methods of punishment will have you screaming for more. So sit back, submit, and let the whipping reels do the talking.

Don’t miss these whipping reels

Your business is your business and we aren’t judging. We’re sure after a long day of corporate dealings it’s a relief to come home to a cooked meal, and a gagging session. You don’t have to seek out an underground bordello, people have Red Rooms in their houses – it’s ‘normal’ these days thanks to 50 Shades. And, if they don’t then you can always turn Taboo slot.

On these masochistic reels you will find symbols inspired by the BDSM lifestyle. Naturally there will be a lot of leather, and a lot of chains. Here we have a paddle whip, a leash, metal handcuffs, leather handcuffs, and a tassel whip. These may be the more gentle of the toys, but wait until you enter the steamy Red Room – you’ll either run for your life, or crawl out a changed man.


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The other symbols in Taboo slot include the letters B, D, S, and M – we wonder why? The Scatter symbol is a high-heeled, panty-hosed dominatrix, and the Wild is a stud-embellished leather-padded icon. The Bonus symbol is a dark and mysterious triskele wheel.

Bondage bonuses are plentiful

Don’t poke fun at the leather stilettos, they’re there to pierce… and give great payouts. Landing 3 or more Scatters will award high-value wins, which come with some intimidation as we see the dominatrix start to strut her stuff for torture – yeah, these reels are animated, and what you’ll see is pretty graphic.


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Landing 3 Bonus symbols will give you willing, or unwilling access to the triskele wheel where you’ll spin for dangerous rewards. You’ll have several attempts to spin the wheel in hopes for it to land on the Bonus round. But if it doesn’t, it will land on a random multiplier.

The Red Room Bonus Round is where things get more unnerving… welcome to a room that looks eerily similar to a medieval torture cell. You’ll need to select torture tools to unveil mystery wins.

Are you still reading or has the temptation to play this game RIGHT NOW, overcome you?


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Risqué cards

Engage the Gamble Game for pleasure or pain – your choice entirely. After each win you can double your luck by playing a raunchy game of cards with the Dealer. You’ll be presented with a board where one card is visible, and you’ll need to pick one of four hidden cards and unveil a card of higher value than the Dealer’s.

If your guess was right then your wins will be doubled and you’ll have the chance to go again. But, if your guess was wrong then your wins will be forfeited and the Gamble Game will end.


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Wicked wins are waiting for you!

In this instance, you don’t want mercy… you want cruelty, because you can leave with up to €360,000 if you just surrender yourself to the queen of bedroom beatings. Taboo slot has a 96% RTP and a medium volatility and is probably the riskiest game you can play, here, and at home.