Seek Vengeance and the Gold Will Be Yours in Ramses’ Revenge Slot

It’s not the first time we’ve encountered Ramses on a warpath but this time he is making sure he’ll be getting his vengeance through the Ramses’ Revenge slot. If his revenge means a mouthwatering €249,984 max win ends up in your pocket, then by all means, Ramses, lead the way!

Relax Gaming took a different path this time around and went with a cartoonish style game, which will give you a nice change of pace. Free spins will make any revenge taste even sweeter and with the help of the buy feature you’re never more than a click away!

According to Frank Sinatra, the best revenge is success and a golden opportunity just landed in your lap, so what are you going to do about it?

Stick With It and Win

Ramses’ Revenge will go through 6 reels and 4,096 paylines. You have seen the symbols many times in the past but they have a slightly different look this time as mentioned. Ramses is angry and is looking to scare people away with his appearance as the wild but if you stick with it, he can be very helpful.


Play Now

Revenge or not, this is a very high volatility game with a 95.15% RTP. The bet limit won’t make you jump up and down, as it’s a low €5 per spin. However, it does redeem itself by offering a 49,996.8x multiplier!

How to Get Free Spins

Ramses figured out that the quickest way to success goes through free spins. The explorer is your ticket to the show and you only need to land two of him, which will set you up with 6 free spins.

Play Now

This is when the mummy wilds will make an appearance. Starting as wilds, they will be on the hunt every time you land another explorer. In true Pacman style, they will consume the explorer and get an increased +1 multiplier as well as an additional spin. Yummy!

Should there be too many explorers on the reels for the mummies to handle, an extra mummy will be added. Thank you very much!

Solve the Mystery Sandstorms

The desert is full of surprises and Mystery Sandstorms is one of them. Randomly triggered, they will appear and deliver up to 4 mystery symbols during 2-6 waves. This means you can actually get up to 24 matching symbols if you’re lucky, which makes for a pretty good payout. Bring on the storm!

Success Is in the Air

It may not look like a lot of fun, due to the different style of graphics, but this is a really cool game. There is a lot of money to be won so we understand fully why Ramses is angry and looking for revenge.

Work towards the free spins as that’s where the big bucks are. Success is in the air and you will get your revenge, just like Ramses.