Serial Slot Is as Dark and Twisted as Dahmer – Do You Dare Play It?

I read this morning that Ryan Murphy’s Dahmer has been such a hit that Netflix wants to turn it into an anthology series – focussing on other infamous and devilish serial killers.

That cannibalistic motherf*cker was enough of a monster to haunt us for the rest of our lives. Do we really need more? Apparently.

And trust Nolimit City to jump on the insanity bandwagon with their new Serial slot. They are disturbed. After playing it… I am disturbed.

Please, take me anywhere else, even Ancient Egypt. Anything is better than this slot. It’s too much for my weary soul. It’s deranged, and I doubt 90% of you are ready for it.

Hell, we’ve gotta get through it. So, let’s begin.

Talk about dark and twisted

I am no stranger to the works of Nolimit City. In fact, I am a big fan (most of the time). There’s a certain thrill in the rebellion of their slots. And I know dark and twisted is their thing…

We’ve seen it in Tombstone RIP slot, Folsom Prison slot, and Mental slot. Oh lord, who could forget Mental slot.

But let’s just say, I’m more into their regular twisted games like The Rave slot and Punk Toilet slot. Those two are some of my all-time favorites – hands down.

Nolimit City is one of the best storytellers around. Their slots stand out like a thumb that’s been stung by killer bees… Amongst an otherwise freshly manicured hand.

They’re so easily identifiable that they didn’t even need to complete the name of their new game. They left it at “Serial.” No “killer” is required.


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Meet the Bodycam Butcher

That’s right. We’re playing in the middle of a sinister crime scene, with extremely graphic graphics and eerie soundtracks in toe. Blood, murder, torture… It’s brutally nail-biting, and I hate it.

It reminds me of the time I watched The Hostel… And I’ve still never forgiven myself for that.

But hey, it’s not our fault Nolimit is so messed up. We’re here for the wins and the gameplay. And speaking of wins, you can score up to €374,000 here. That should be enough to get you to rough it with another serial killer story, right?

In terms of gameplay – this 96.07% RTP slot has all the usual Nolimit City bells and whistles that lend to creating great winning combinations: xWays, xBet, xSplit, Infectious xWays, xNudge, and a new feature too, called xBizarre.


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There are serial features to fear

You can spin for, or purchase The Search or The Kill free spins rounds. Landing 3 Scatters will trigger The Search feature, where the spin count will be determined by the numbers that appear on the Missing Person Scatters.

Additional Enhancer Cells will open up to make the grid bigger, more brutal, with more potential to win.

The Kill is triggered when 3 Scatters and 1 xSplit symbol land on the reels. The xSplit is a dreaded bloody chainsaw. The Kill has all the same features as The Search, but the exception is that the xSplot will remain as a Jumping Wild on reel 5 as you go about the killing.

As for the new xBizarre mechanic in Serial slot… Consider it a gamble game, where if your total win is more than 18,700x the bet, you can gamble it to win up to 74,800x. It’s 50/50… Kinda like if the missing girl is dead or alive. Although I think we know she’s worm food.


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Serial is not for the faint of heart

I am the faint of heart, unless you didn’t catch that in the intro. And Nolimit City warns that too. They call it “a disgusting world”, and that my friends, it is.

True to Nolimit’s usual fashion, this game is extremely volatile. LOL, they’re really not making it easy on us, are they? A dreaded theme with a dreaded volatility.

This slot shows us just how far Nolimit City can go. And that is far. So now my question is… Do you dare play Serial slot?