The Casino Action Is Through the Roof in the Dinopolis Slot

If it was possible to control it, having a pet dinosaur would be pretty sweet. A T-Rex would obviously be the most impressive but also the most dangerous choice for everyone, including you as the owner. The Flintstones managed to have Dino, the dogasaurus, but he was far from a predator, which is a prerequisite for it to work.

Tonight, you’ve been invited to a night full of glitz and glamour in the sparkly new Dinopolis slot by Push Gaming. The Las Vegas of the dinosaur world is just as full of life as our own Sin City and with as much money circling around the casino floor.

Multiplier boosts, stacked wilds, special Dino coins and multi-level free spins are pulling out all the stops to make it a night to remember.

Your limo is waiting so get dressed and let’s go!

Jersey Shore Rejects

In many ways, the crowd isn’t any different than what you would find in the Magic City of the Nevada Desert. A mix of card sharks, performers, sugar daddies, mobsters, women and Jersey Shore rejects have found their way to town and are looking to make an impression.

With the city itself as the backdrop, today’s action will take place across 5 reels with a 3x4x4x4x3 layout and 576 paylines. We will get into the wilds, bonuses and coin symbols a bit later.


Play Now

There is a €250,000 max win just waiting to turn on the blinking lights and call out your name. In order to get it, you need to pair the €5 bet limit with the 50,000x multiplier. This is a high volatility game with a 96.40% RTP, ready to knock your socks off!

Bring On the Multiple Wilds

The wild symbol is impossible to miss and they can bring a 2x-3x multiplier. Feel free to land more than one of them, please do so, as it only means bigger wins.

Let the Dino Coin Speak for Itself

Normally we prefer bills over coins but in Dinopolis, coins do come in handy. The Dino Coin symbol will only appear on the first and last reel. They will give you an instant win of up to 1,000x your stake if they form a 3 of a kind combo together with a wild. Cha-ching!

How to Get the Dino Bonus

You want to trigger the Dino Bonus feature as fast as possible and you need to land 3 scatters to get it done. Now it’s time to play some cards and take your pick.

Play Now

The first card will determine a feature pick prize and these are the potential outcomes:

  • Sticky Stack Wilds: You’ll get a nice stacked wild with a 2x multiplier
  • Single Reel Multiplier Booster: If you have a Sticky Stack Wild, this will give its multiplier a nice +1 boost
  • All Reel Multiplier Boost: Same as above but for all reels with Sticky Stack Wilds
  • Golden Card: Will give you 2 extra picks

As you pick card number two, it is to decide on the number of free spins and you can get between 5-10 of them.

Fill the Meter to Advance

Some of the coins are a little different and are known as the Dino Coin collector symbols. Every time you get one, it will move over to the meter on your right.

When you fill that baby all the way up, you will advance to the next level of free spins and the process of picking cards starts over again.

Keep advancing and keep winning!

We Are on Our Way

Isn’t this the kind of place you want to visit? We sure think so and the Dinopolis slot is a pleasant surprise. It’s bright, has colorful characters, fun features and is loaded with wins. Well done, Push Gaming!