Shoot Your Pistols and Rob the Bank in Gun Spinner Slot!

If there’s one thing we know about the wild west, it’s that it was the sort of place where you could get caught up in a legendary heist at virtually any second of your day. Whether you’re heading out for fresh milk, to post your mail or even to grab a drink at the local saloon, life in the wild west was dangerous.

Cue Gun Spinner slot, the action-packed wild west themed slot that’s putting you right in the path of danger. Don’t worry though, you’ve got a pretty good chance of coming out the other side with pockets filled with cash!

Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Action

The wild west was one amazing place, where people made their own rules and lived life on their own terms. There was safety in numbers, but outlaws chose to break the trend and go at it in small groups. Today, you’re taking on the role of a lone wolf and you’re heading down town to scoop up an absolute fortune from the banks.

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Free Spins in the Wild West!

The wild west was pretty wild, so what better place to play some free spins than in the wild west? If you can land three scatter symbols, you’ll be transported to this rather bountiful bonus mode. When you spin the reels in free spins, you’ve got a good chance of the Gun Spinner throwing his dynamite, giving you a full stack of goodies that range from wilds to bonus scatters. Extra scatters give you more free spins and if you land a wild, the Gun Spinner will throw a knife at it, causing it to remain on the reels until free spins mode is over.

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Gun Spinner is a rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ adventure that you’re going to love. Spinning the reels is packed full of explosive excitement and that big win is so juicy that it’s going to take hundreds of lawmen to stop you raiding this old timey town.

Clean out your revolver and load it up, we’re heading out on our next great heist in Gun Spinner!