Solve the Crime and Get the Money in After Night Falls Slot

From Detective Clouseau and the Pink Panther to Inspector Gadget to Sherlock Holmes, there have been some variations of smart and cooky private investigators roaming the streets and screens over the years. We consider ourselves to be on their level when it comes to their profession or at least that is what goes through our minds when we watch them solve crimes. After Night Falls slot stays on track and will not give up until the perpetrator has been stopped.

Who exactly they are after remains to be seen but we are definitely putting our own skills to the test in this slot – are you with us?

Welcome to the Crime Scene

This fun and animated video slot plays out in a dark alley across 5 reels and 30 paylines and with the magnifying glass at hand, this scrawny detective is out for blood. He will leave no stone unturned so we hope you covered your tracks. The big brute of a criminal doesn’t even try to blend in and sneaks around the same alley with a baseball bat ready to swing at anyone who comes between him and his cash.

On the reels, you will see TVs, a bag full of stolen goods, jewelry, a cat, a security camera and a cute granny.


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Mysterious Bonus Features

This mysterious slot has an entire bag full of special features that will make you a ton of dough. The magnifying glass comes in handy although it lives its own life and will hover across the reels quite randomly. If you were to get it on a particular symbol, you will activate the moving wild which can trigger free spins. With each spin, it moves one step to the left until it reaches the end.

Double Your Wins

For all you hard-nosed people out there that enjoy taking risks and taking walks on the tightrope of life, there is the gambling option with each win. You will head into the detective’s own office where he will flip a coin for you. Take your pick of heads or tails and put your faith in the flicking thumb of this numbnuts. If you get the win, you can sing hallelujah and double your cash but if you end up on the losing end, you will get a disappointing mierde from the frenchie himself.


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Cash in on the Clues

Another way to make some extra money revolves around helping the detective find clues in a room. Make the correct picks where to look and you will get whatever money is in that place. You can keep going until you run out of luck.


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Put Your Trust in the Detective

If you need a change from your regular slots then head down to this alley and join in on the mystery. This detective may be clueless but he can sure get you a lot of money. Trust in his ability to make the extra features pay off and you can get away with a nice amount of money.