Slash your way to wins in Piggy Bjorn – Muspelheim’s Treasure slot

Here’s something you don’t see every day. We all like the Vikings, especially after the hit TV series that turned every Tom, Dick, and Harry into a Ragnar wannabe. Let’s not forget the legend’s son, Bjorn! He’s the guy who inspired this game and a legend in his own right. Piggy Bjorn – Muspelheim’s Treasure slot takes us on a journey to meet the piggy Vikings and slash away at some serious winning action.

Ready for the fight? Just remember, whatever you do, don’t mention bacon to these guys – you might just end up on a BLT yourself! Let’s get down and dirty just like the piggies do and find the treasure in this hilarious slot from GameArt Slots.

This little piggy went to war…

Enter the game and you’ll find 5 Viking-style reels on the battlefield with shields and weapons scattered all around the wooden borders of the reels. You can tell this is going to be an epic battle indeed. The graphics are spectacular with a flag blowing in the wind and crows flying in the background every now and then which really gives the feel of a quality game.

Low-paying symbols are stone tablets with carved Viking ruins of which there are four. High-paying symbols are made up of Viking weapons with a shield, a bow, swords, axes, and a giant war hammer which pays the highest. The 5 reels have 4 rows and 50 paylines, creating a very suitable battlefield to fight for the wins.


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During the base game, you’ll also find two additional symbols, one is a bronze shield called the Piggy Loot symbol, and the other is an image of Piggy Bjorn himself which is called the Piggy Collect symbol and can only land on reel 5.

The Loot symbols only land on reels 1,2,3, and 4, and could display a multiplier of between 1x and 20x. If 1 or more Loot symbols land on the reels in the same spin as the Collect symbol, the Loot symbols will be combined and paid accordingly, cha-ching! And with a high 96.12% RTP, you can expect the loot to come raining from the sky.

Hog the wins with free spins in the Raid Bonus!

The Scatter symbol is the meanest-looking pig on the battlefield, seriously, this guy is no pot-bellied pig, he’s a fully-grown wild boar! 3 Of these symbols scattered on the reels will unlock the Raid Bonus and you will then be awarded up to 5 free spins.

The reels will change to empty slots, and you have to try and fill the slots with symbols every spin, if you do, your free spins will reset back to 3 every time a new symbol appears until no more symbols fill the empty slots. The symbols will display multiplier values which will be added together at the end of the round.

Before the Raid Bonus kicks off, a random feature will be awarded with a special symbol for the duration of the bonus game.

  • Payday symbol – Lands with a value equal to 2x the lowest visible value on the reels, then adds its own value to all other visible symbols.
  • Taxes symbol – Adds all the visible values on the screen to its own value.
  • Reinforce symbol – Increases your free spins with +1 up to a maximum of 5 free spins
  • Hammer symbol – Lands with a value of between 5x and 200x. It will then add its value to all other symbols on the same reel and line as the one where it fell.
  • Bow symbol – Lands with a value of between 5x and 200x. It can then add its value to 5 other visible symbols on the reels
  • Odin’s Will symbol – Consumes up to 3 visible symbols and adds its value to other symbols in a radius of 2 symbols.

There is a special Scatter symbol too. It looks similar to the regular Scatter, but it is red in color. if one of these symbols make part of your scatter combination, you’ll unlock the Fury Raid Bonus.

The features in this bonus are generally the same as the regular Raid Bonus features, but the Taxes symbol will add all visible symbols to its own value after every spin, and not at the end of the bonus. This is where the real money lies so release your fury upon the reels and hopefully, the high volatility pushes you toward the incredible €375,000 max win!

The Piggest payouts around!

The battle is about to begin! Make your way to Piggy Bjorn – Muspelheim’s Treasure slot in the shake of a tail and battle your way to the incredible riches that await the bravest pigs around! Don’t pig out on this one, it’s truly a sensational slot with so many opportunities to make it big, and as the war pigs say, the pigger the better!