Increasing Multipliers Await in Monster Blox Gigablox Slot

Being slot machine fanatics, we have seen some interesting themes over the years. You know the classics: ancient Egypt, Chinese and Greek Mythology, Irish luck, Pirates and Aztecs. This is why we need a breath of fresh air from time to time.

So, whatever familiar design you expect to see in Monster Blox Gigablox slot, throw it out the window. The creative studio at Peter and Sons must have had fun with this one and we have to admit, it definitely put a smile on our faces. Dragons, trolls, witches and magicians armed with laser guns, you can see how this train is heading straight to fun town.

Climb on board, hold on for dear life and let’s set the reels in motion!

It’s a Medieval Time Spinning Bonanza

Supposedly it’s a medieval theme but we’re not sure what to call it besides interesting. Perhaps it’s just the style of graphics that throws us off a bit but whatever it is, we like it because it’s different.

Monsters and heroes is a classic battle and the man in charge is the hunter with a laser gun in his hands. He looks more like a wizard than a hunter and he is magical with his gun, as you will read more about later.

A 6×4 reel setup rocking 40 paylines will be the base for your success and unless you are scared of monsters, you’ll have a blast.

At Least One Gigablox on Each Spin

Each spin will have at least 1 Gigablox in the mix and they can get as big as 6×8. If you’re looking for the biggest payout, keep an eye out for the red dragon. We can’t help but sense that Lord of the Rings was an inspiration for the monsters.


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The Monster Blox Gigablox slot has high volatility and a 96.10% RTP. A €30 bet limit fits nicely with the 7,900x multiplier that leads to a €237,000 max win.

Awaken the Hunter for Bigger Wins

We mentioned the hunter earlier and he can come to life at any time and when he does, he will take aim and fire at the reels. Whatever position he manages to hit, including the Gigablox, will become wild.

This is known as the Wild Bounty feature and it is only getting started in the base game.

Grow the Grid With Each Win

As soon as you land a winning combo, the Monster Respin feature kicks in and an extra row will be added to your reels.

For every extra row, an extra 15 paylines are added to the equation. You can add as many as 4 extra rows, making a total of 8, meaning your paylines will reach an even 100.

As long as your respin leads to another win, it will keep going but if there’s a winless spin, you’ll go back to the normal setup.

This Is How You Get Free Spins

No matter the theme, the door to free spins should always be open. In order to chase down the big wins this time around, you’ll need to land 5 or more scatters. The amount of free spins you’ll get depends solely on how many scatters you can summon.

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Remember how we told you how the grid grows with each win? Well, during free spins you don’t need to worry about that because it will be fully expanded, meaning 6×8 reels and 100 paylines. Boom!

Collect Scatters for Big Multipliers

While you spin your way to a small fortune while in free spin mode, you should keep collecting scatters. Why? Because they will help you get a bigger multiplier.

  • Collect 0-1 Scatters and get 2x multiplier
  • Collect 2-5 Scatters and get 3x multiplier
  • Collect 6-14 Scatters and get 5x multiplier
  • Collect 15+ Scatters and get 10x multiplier

A Breath of Fresh Air and a Lot More

We mentioned a breath of fresh air earlier and we meant it. First of all, we really enjoyed the graphics. If you have a moment, take a look at the detailed work in the opening scene where the red dragon is on full display. You can tell the designers have put some time into creating the 3D look.

If we look at the different parts of the game, you’ll understand why we like it. There’s the Wild Bounty, the increasing grid and free spins where you can grow big multipliers. This is a fun game and the only thing missing is a big jackpot but you can’t have it all.

The bottom line is, just like any other game, with a bit of luck this can be a very fun experience. So, now that you’ve heard our thoughts, give Monster Blox Gigablox slot a go and see what you think.