It’s an invasion of astronomical wins in Interstellar Attack slot!

Aliens are trying to invade Earth! We’ve managed to hold them back just a few light-years away but the defences won’t hold much longer. We need a hero, a fearless pilot to fight off the invasion and retrieve the alien wealth and riches in the new Interstellar Attack slot.

Are you up for the task? Great! We knew you would come to save the day. You’ll have an arsenal of weapons and a fleet of ships at your command to destroy the aliens and seize their intergalactic treasures. Let’s get you geared up for the battle in this action-packed slot from High 5 Games – there’s no time to waste!

Rocket off to the reels of riches!

Ever played the classic 80s video game Space Invaders? If so, you’re going to love this slot, if not, you’re probably still going to love this slot. The game is played on 6 vertical reels with the first reel (right at the bottom) being the spaceship reel. Every time you spin, new symbols will zoom onto the reels from outer space and a spaceship will land in a random position to shoot them down, revealing the rewards.


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The paying symbols are the alien monsters. These will appear with a credit win amount, and if your ship manages to shoot one of these the credits will be awarded. The asteroids award green and red space gems when shot, which are used to fill up the collection meters on either side of the reels. Once the meters are full, they will award upgrades and bonus features, but we’ll get there shortly.

You’ll have 4 different types of spaceships to battle the aliens, and each of these has a different power level. Every time you spin, a random spaceship could land on the first reel and fire at the symbols, but only those in the same row as the spaceship.

Upgrade your spaceships for bigger wins!

Once you’ve collected 10 or more red gems to fill the collection meter on the right, 2 bonus symbols will be added to a random position on the reels. There are 4 bonus symbols in total, with 2 of them only appearing on the first reel to boost your spaceship’s performance. The other 2 can land on any other reels and will destroy all surrounding symbols or symbols on the same reel when they’ve been shot.


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The green collection meter on the left will activate the Spin-crease feature when collecting enough green space gems. When this happens, a random spaceship can be upgraded or an additional low-level ship can be added to the first reel to increase the chances of shooting a payout into your pocket.

Take me to your leader!

Now it’s time to face the boss alien in the free spins round. To trigger this feature game, you’ll need to shoot the robot right at the back, behind the sixth reel. This robot will appear randomly during the base game and appears on rows 1 and 5 only. If it appears on row 1, it will move 1 position to the right for every spin, and move 1 position to the left for every spin if it appears on row 5.


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Manage to shoot the robot and you’ll zip off to a separate set of reels with 10 free spins to fight the boss. There’s big money to be made here, as you won’t find any asteroid symbols getting in the way of paying alien symbols. At the start of every odd-numbered free game, a random power-up symbol will be placed on the reels to enhance the winning action.

The bonus game has 6 levels that are unlocked by shooting the robot symbols the same way as when triggering the bonus. Once you’ve destroyed them all, the bonus game will upgrade to a higher level. You’ll be awarded a payout after completing each level, with a 25,000x bet win when firing through level 6!

Fight off the invasion for stellar wins today!

Interstellar Attack slot has a very high volatility rating, which is great when you’re on the hunt for a massive win. It might take a while to trigger the bonuses, but the astronomical 97.2% RTP will certainly see your spaceship destroying a few sizable wins along the way to keep you fueled for the journey.

What are you waiting for? You have a planet to save and a ton of winnings to bring back home to Earth, so hop in your money-making spaceship and blast off today!