Smash Your Way to Wins in Pinatas & Ponies Slot

Ponies are not something I generally associate with the average casino player. So, if a provider wanted to find a way to bring the pink brightness of a pony theme to a slot game, they’d need a hook. Well, Red Tiger has made the ponies into pinatas and launched a slot with one of the stranger themes I’ve ever come across for its new Pinatas & Ponies slot.

Are you ready to smash a pinata?

The title is a little misleading. It’s not pinatas and ponies but rather pony pinatas and these mystery-filled mythological creatures are the basis for all the slot’s bonus features.


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The pony pinatas come in three sizes: small, big, and super. Why Platipus couldn’t just go with small, medium, and large is beyond me but small, big, and super is what we get. Within each sized pinata is a win multiplier.

The small pinata has a small multiplier, the big pinata has a bigger one, and the super pinatas have the largest multipliers of all. In the base game, these pinatas can be awarded randomly on any given spin. If you’d like a clear earning path toward a pinata, you’ll need to unlock a round of the slot’s Sweet Spins bonus game.


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A round of the Sweet Spins bonus game is unlocked with the appearance of three or more Sweet Spins symbols on the reels. Once triggered, you’ll be transported to a new set of reels that feature a pinata progress bar that will allow you to unlock all three sizes of the slot’s prize-filled pinatas.

To progress from the starting point through to each pinata size, you will need to get as many wins as possible during your round of free spins. Each win will see you progress through the progress bar. The larger the win, the further you will progress. Once you reach each level, the corresponding pinata size will be unlocked, and you’ll be able to smash through it to unveil your mystery multiplier.

The win multipliers you unlock during a round of free spins will all be added to a global multiplier total that will be applied to each and every winning combination. Once your round of free spins has been concluded, the win multiplier will disappear.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for a shot at a pinata, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s bonus features. The Pinatas and Ponies slot’s bonus buy feature allows you to purchase any of the three pinata sizes or a round of the slot’s Sweet Spins bonus feature.

Is Pinatas and Ponies slot cute or kitsch?

I really don’t know who Pinatas and Ponies slot was made for. 12-year-old girls can’t play slot games at casinos and I would bet there aren’t many mature women who would be wild about this one. That said, the slot does have a lot of positives. The pinata smashing mechanic in the bonus game is fun and the gameplay is enjoyable. I would have liked it more if the theme wasn’t so out of place, but it’s still worth a few spins.

The slot has medium to high volatility meaning that you’ll be waiting longer than you’d like between wins, but those dry patches will be filled with a few smaller wins. All in all, a nice balance. The max multiplier is a little small at 2,172x meaning that you’ll need to bet €50 a spin to play for the €108,600 max win. Pinatas and Ponies slot has a 95.72% RTP.

If you’re for a few other Red Tiger slots to sink your teeth into, I recommend giving 1942: Sky Warrior and Narcos Mexico Slot a try. The latter is a slightly darker theme than Pinatas and Ponies slot.