Expect Mammoth Size Wins and a Fun Time in the Mammoth Chase Slot

Let’s face it, we’re all looking for monster size wins when playing slots and you can find it all in the Mammoth Chase slot from Kalamba Games. Since the main character is a 6 ton beast, it seems only logical that it would bring gigantic payouts and it does.

Ride the mammoth across the reels and get your hands on one of the 3 monster jackpots up for grabs or line up the winning combo that will get you the €81,120 max win. There may not be any mammoths left to roam the planet but there are plenty of free spins and majestic wins around for you to have yourself a very nice payday!

It’s time to head out into the wilderness and size up one of the legendary mammoths.

Explore the Wilderness at Its Best

The area of the wilderness you will explore this time holds 6 reels and 4,096 paylines and is filled with some of the baddest creatures the planet has ever seen, with the golden mammoth leading the herd.

Paying homage to an absolute beast like this is the right thing to do as we can’t get enough of the mammoth size payouts that comes with it. Knocking out an RTP of 96.94% and a 6,760x multiplier is a pretty sweet deal and definitely worth taking advantage of.

It’s a high volatility game, meaning high risk high reward, which was most likely the case for anyone who ever tried to take down a mammoth back in the day.



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Triple Jackpots Are Looking to Be Won

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 progressive jackpots to focus on and specific combos needed before you can catch one of them and take it home. The golden mammoth is the key to all of them and if you land 10, 12 or 14 of them you can pocket the silver, gold or even the platinum jackpot. Pretty generous for an extinct giant, right?

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Mammoth Free Spins

Do your best to land at least 3 of the bonus symbols as this will help you lock and load the free spins. Depending on how many of them you land, you will get between 8 to 20 free spins, which we don’t need to mention can make a huge difference on your winnings. In other words, the more the merrier.

Make Sure You’ll Be There

Getting up close and personal with a mammoth is truly an experience, even if it’s only possible through a screen. The size of it alone triggers thoughts of big wins which is exactly what’s at stake here. The big bucks are looking to be paid out so you want to make sure you’ll be there when it happens.

Get in on the action and start spinning before someone else swoops in and takes your money away!