It’s Always Beer O’Clock with These Oktoberfest Slots!

Unfortunately I don’t get to be in Germany for Oktoberfest – and if you aren’t there either, then you’re missing out on all the beer and bratwurst like me.

I love the giant pretzels. They line a stomach real good, and since there are no giant pretzels around down here, I’ll have to pair my beer with… beer! Nothing wrong with that. Except for an almighty hangover.

I don’t feel too sorry for myself, and you shouldn’t either because BitStarz is bringing Oktoberfest to you with brand new boozy Bavarian slots, and a whole game category dedicated to this huge Volksfest.

Let’s tap a keg and get big wins flowing with my favorite new releases. It’s beer o’clock somewhere, right? Prost!

777 Oktoberfest

I’m going to kick things off with the 3-reel, Retro Xtreme machine, 777 Oktoberfest slot – where you can win up to €37,500.

Amongst the beer, bratwurst, feathered fedoras, and polka music, is Retro Gaming’s signature feature, the Retro Bet. If you turn it on, the highest paying symbols will pay 3,000x your bet instead of the regular 300x.

Ich werde trinken to that! (Doing my best German over here, forgive me).


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Beer O’clock

Spinomenal always jumps on board the themed events we have year-round. And unsurprisingly, they’ve joined in the Oktoberfest fun with the release of Beer O’clock slot.

Also not a surprise to me, is that this slot has no special features – but you can win €48,000 by spinning some sausages and chugging the beers.

No features doesn’t mean no fortunes… Look at my recent win. We’re in it to win it, right? The proof is in the strudel.


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Beer Bonanza

If you think Beer Bonanza slot sounds familiar, but you’re doubting yourself because it’s a new release – don’t. Because we’ve seen it before. Just minus the booze.

It’s a BGaming reskin and that’s ok. It just doesn’t feel very ‘Oktoberfest’ compared to the others in this list… It feels like I’m in a bad fruit dream, but with beer to make it better.

It does have a max win of €180,000, Refilling Reels and Free Spins features. They’re way cool. Hey, it can be folk-festive, but you’ll have to excuse the intrusive fruit.


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Octobeer Fortunes

Now we are back on the pints and pretzels path thanks to Octobeer Fortunes slot. A very Oktoberfest feast for the eyes (and wallets). Yeah, up to €360,000 is yours for the taking.

Say Guten Tag to a game that’ll have you collecting instant prizes, and catching cash in the Progressive Free Spins round.

This Pragmatic Play slot has what it takes to keep you in the Oktoberfest spirit months after the actual event ends – it’s that good. This one will stay on my top slot list, that’s for sure.


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I’m always down for the new Coinfest slot. Especially when I’m entertained by what looks like Pinocchio’s dad, Geppetto.

Much attention has been given to executing this slot with a vibrant Oktoberfest feel, and the features… Wow. You have Coin Respins, Jackpots, Free Spins, and Expanding Wilds (of good old Geppetto).

All this, and a maximum win of €389,900 means Platipus has done themselves proud! So, how about you make yourself proud and chug for that cash?


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Who says you have to be in Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest?

Come to BitStarz, we’ll supply the games, you bring the beer – and let the Bavarian party begin.

Check out our Oktoberfest Games Category for all the Volksfest fun you’re looking for. There’s a stellar selection that is sure to see you through all the way to 3 October.

And who knows, if you win big, you can put yourself on a plane and make it to Munich before then.

O’zapft is’!