Snakes & Ladders Megadice Slot Is Board Game Brilliance!

Talk about a throwback and a half… Snakes & Ladders have come to the slots, and damn, it is a genius idea! Lord even knows where to find this old school game anymore – probably in a yard sale or buried deep in the drainpipes of a hoarder.

All we give a fly about is that it’s a blast from the past, and it’s at BitStarz to stay! Trust us when we say, the Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot has your juvenile joys covered… Board and all.

P.S.A: If you’ve been climbing ladders and sliding down snakes with your kiddos, then lucky you – us childless folk now have the luck too and the chance to win €371,000!

Snakes, ladders, bananas, gorillas…

This weird combination works (somehow). These are the quirks you can expect to see in this game, as this bizarre bunch are the slot’s symbols. There is a jarring slitherer overlooking your entire game too, so if you have ophidiophobia (that’s a fear of snakes for those not in the know) then you’re just going to have to deal with it. Soz.

It’s no secret that slot games love to bring things back from the dead, like pharaohs or zombie hordes. But when it comes to this Pragmatic Play slot, we would have been at the graveyard pulling this corpse out with our bare hands; it’s just that GOOD – don’t let the look of the main game fool you.


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We’ll dish the dirt on the dice

Snakes & Ladders is quite simply not Snakes & Ladders without the dice, so of course, they’re included in this 96.49% RTP slot… In a Megadice way!

The dice you may come across on the main game reels act as Wild Dice and come with multiplier values from 1x to 3x, which will be added to any win you land on that exciting spin. But there’s way more to this story…

The Wild Dice will also fill segments on the giant snake overlooking the game. So if your reels roll a 3, that’ll be 3 segments filled. Filling all segments will launch you into the brilliant bonus game – which, ‘coincidentally,’ also includes dice.


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The board game bonus brings back memories

Considering Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot is a slot game, we really, really were not expecting to see a full-on Snakes & Ladders board appear. Although it would be the obvious thing to do, not many slots or providers commit to this extent – so it pretty much blew us away.

To get to the bonus game, you either need to fill all of the segments on the giant snake, or land 3 or more Bonus symbols on the screen.

Once you’ve achieved this, the battle to beat the board begins. You’ll get up to 16 dice rolls to get you up the ladders and hopefully not sliding down the snakes, where the Gorilla King will be your piece.

With a minimum guaranteed win of 20x your bet, the squares on the board are filled with rewards from money, and multipliers, to shortcuts and bonus bananas. It’s amusing, innovative, and unique for a slot.


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Climb the ladders and claim the loot!

This utterly nostalgic slot has so much win potential, all while being packed with entertainment and slithery twists and turns.

The graphics are a bit of a mind-bender in this high volatility slot… Some things are presented in retro pixels, and others in modern mode. But whatevs, we like it. And if you like board games as much as we do, then you can also head on over to our Live Casino and give Monopoly Live a crack.

All in all, Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot got us rattled and raring to go! It might just be the game that’ll float your board game boat.