Carol of the Elves Slot Is Bringing Your Christmas Gifts Early

To be fair, Santa wouldn’t be Santa without his helpers. Quietly busting their little behinds in the background, they should be given more cred for all the hard work they do. Thankfully, two of them have agreed to star in the magical Carol of the Elves slot and you will have an opportunity to thank them personally.

As festive as always, the dynamic duo can’t wait to show you what they have in store this time around. Unblock the locked positions by landing winning combos and you will be on your way to the €290,000 max win and so much more.

It’s time to say hello!

Gifts Waiting to Be Opened

Yggdrasil’s latest release is a pretty little display of 5 reels and 45 paylines that can grow as fast as Santa’s wish list as soon as you land a win. The elves are sitting indoors in a very Christmassy home where the wrapped gifts on the ground are just waiting to be opened. With some positions blocked off, the grid looks a bit like a window covered in frost.


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To make it easier for you to land big wins in time for the holidays, a 96.20% RTP and a medium volatility should go a long way. Knowing the €290,000 max win or a 5,800x multiplier could be hiding in any of the gifts, makes this game a very exciting one.

Water the Grid With Wins and Watch It Grow

We mentioned earlier about the grid’s ability to grow. Starting off with 45 paylines, a single win will remove some of the blocked positions and open things up for more paylines and more wins.

After you have removed all the blocks, which you need 3 consecutive wins to do, you will instead be playing with 3,125 paylines and you can imagine what that will do for you wins. However, the fun doesn’t end there.

Green Means Go

On your left, the green elf is the one in charge of multipliers and with all the blocks gone you can start building them up. When you land another win, stars will appear and they will be collected.

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For every 5 stars you manage to get, your multiplier will increase by 1 until you stop winning.

Be Like a Cat With 9 Lives

While you collect stars for the multipliers, you can to the same on the right side for extra lives. For every 5 stars you collect, you will be given one extra life, meaning respin. Try and get as many as possible because when you get a winless spin and you have extra lives left, you can go again. Nice!

The Real Fun Begins

These elves are happy as pie, eager to help you with the big wins. In terms of fancy features, you won’t find that many in this slot, but with three quick wins in a row, you’ll clear the board and the real fun begins.

Let’s give cred where cred is due and this time it goes to elf number 1 and elf number 2!