Speed Through Halloween Quest and Win with These Top Tips!


Halloween Quest has just dropped here at BitStarz, and we’re giving you the chance to win a luxurious trip to the home of Count Dracula and €50,000 in individual prize pools. The competition is fierce in this spooky adventure, and a handful of players are already blasting their way through the levels.

Don’t let them get too far ahead and take advantage of these top tips so you can claim the trip all for yourself. Sometimes it’s good to be selfish, so make sure you’re the one heading on the spookiest trip we’ve ever given away at BitStarz!

Brave the Spooky Slots

While we love table games and we think they’re some of the most exciting games around, if you want to take home the bacon, you need to hit the slots as hard as you can. Slots count 100% towards your levelling requirements, while Table games only count 5%. So, unless you want to play millions of blackjack hands, you’re going to want to hit the slots and spin the reels. Secondly, if you place safe bets on table games – such as placing bets on high and low or red and black – then your bet won’t count towards the levelling requirements – we’re on to you cheeky players!

Play Now

There are oodles of fantastic slots that will give you more than enough entertainment and plenty of big wins. So, dive into the slot action and make sure you’re the player leading the pack towards level 40 and the trip to Transylvania!

Speed Boosts Make a Huge Difference

What if we told you there were special events where you could bag an epic speed bost that lets you level up faster for a limited time only? Well, we’ve got great news for you, throughout Halloween Quest, there will be a number of limited periods where you will be able to level up faster, known as Speed Boosts. Stay tuned to the BitStarz blog and keep an eye on your inbox to get more information about these legendary events. When you know one is about to happen, book leave and clear your calendar, it’s your golden opportunity to blast through the levels faster than ever before!


So, there you have it, these are the top tips that will help you go from zero to hero in a matter of minutes. With a luxury trip for you and one friend to Transylvania and €50,000 in prize pools on the line, blasting through the levels faster than ever before has never been more of a priority!

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