Is Lion Heart Slot a Fairytale or a Nightmare? Find Out!

Lion Heart slot reminds me of those fairytales that are actually nightmares dressed up as sweet little dreams. No, no, no. In no world do I want to be schmoozed by James Cordon dressed as a Victorian lion. I’ll be sticking to my tall, dark, and handsome. Thanks.

I also find this game to be a variant of Beauty and the Beast, except replacing whatever the hell animal the Beast was with the savage king of the jungle. Just here, he’s had a lobotomy and identifies as Romeo.

It’s an interesting game, a low-budget type. Like those cheap knock-off slots in smokey old casinos with meh graphics, a meh user experience, and excellent rewards. That’s the redeeming part. You can win up to €348,457.50!

It’s not The Late Late Show

James Cordon is what he is. But I cannot stop seeing his face spinning around the reels of this slot. I mean, it’s not hard to transform into a lion in Hollywood – we’ve seen him as a mouse, as Michael Myers, and even as Belle. This role is right up his alley.

However, inspired by this controversial talk show host or not (probably not), High 5 Games sure haven’t bent over backward for the visuals of this slot.

But I rate that’s on purpose. They make many world-class games, and many of, well, these kinds. The thing about “these kinds” is that they’re familiar. We’ve all played them on the casino floor when all we could afford was a 5c machine. I even remember the soundtrack!


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Slow but worth a go

Sheesh, things seem to happen at a snail’s pace in this high volatility slot, like spinning the reels. They have unnecessary pauses, and it feels like they need to load before each new spin. Not quite what I’m used to in the era of the metaverse.

There’s also no Buy Bonus option, which makes sense in this context, so we just have to persevere. But if we persevere, then pretty awesome wins can come our way.

While there’s not much to be said about the base game in terms of special features, it does have the standard Wild and Bonus symbol, both of which contribute towards pretty payouts!


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Classic free spins

Oh I remember these… Where you need to spell out a word for big bonus wins! They’re fun. Landing 3 or more Bonus Symbols on the reels will initiate the bonus game, offering up to 15 free games.

Spelling out the word “BONUS” will throw some cool multipliers into the mix, too. Although I didn’t get that lucky.

But, you can. And you can score yourself some classic casino wins. I did a couple of times here, but in other ways, like with the Wild!


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Have you got the heart to play Lion Heart?

Yeah, this game is unfortunate in many ways, but it’s also brilliant in others. I enjoyed playing it because it’s the same game I used to B-line for in those once-upon-a-time casinos.

Yeah, the graphics are as good as Sleeping Beauty’s were in 1959, but all that really matters is that there’s a decent return – and this one has a 96.5% RTP!

So, with all this said, are you gonna ditch playing Gonzo’s Quest in VR Mode for Lion Heart slot? That would be something.