Step Into the Ring and Bodyslam the Wins in Lucha Legends Slot

With legends such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Hulk Hogan coming out of WWE and WWF, the world of wrestling is a massive industry. The constant debate regarding this type of wrestling should be considered a sport or not aside, it is vastly popular but south of the border it takes on a whole new shape. In Mexican wrestling, the Luchadores as the wrestlers are called, spice things up by wearing colorful masks and perform a multitude of high flying maneuvers and in the Lucha Legends slot it’s time for you to earn your legendary status!

Do you think you have what it takes to put a mask on, step into the ring and grab your opponents by their jockstraps and slam them to the ground to receive the roaring approval of the fans and get the big paycheck? Prove it!

Get Ready for Burro and El Diablo

The ring awaiting your explosive intro and arrival is made of 5 reels and 25 paylines while Microgaming is watching your performance from the owners box. Fans are going wild over the lineup as they are fully aware that the legendary luchadores Burro, El Diablo, Martio, Sal and Pepe never hold anything back. They are known for the tricks and this is fantastic news for you as the more tricks they do, the bigger are the wins!


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Unique Features of Mexico Wrestling

As promised, the wrestling in Mexico is unique and this also means unique features ready to be triggered.

Super Wild – This is where the luchadores put their skills to the test. They will use their signature moves to come down on the wilds and smash them into Super Wilds which will result in either 2 adjacent symbols turning into wilds or your Super Wild wins will get a x2 or x3 multiplier.

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Power Up – On your left you will find a switch that will increase your chances of triggering the Super Wilds, if you choose to use it. Your Super Wild wins might get a x5 multiplier or 4 of the adjacent symbols may turn into wild. Boom!

Body-slamming Free Spins

Wrestling can be very entertaining and when you throw some free spins into the mix it just adds to the value of the game. Land 3 of the scatters and get 10 body slamming free spins! If you want more just land extra scatters as you go and they will retrigger.


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You Have a New Fanbase

While you perform your high-flying tricks and develop a new fanbase in Mexico, don’t forget about the other very entertaining event, Slot Wars. If you enjoy competing, how about making it into the top 40 on the leaderboard and get a slice of the €5,000 pie!