Sweet 16? Not so Much When It Comes to the Game of Blackjack

If anyone knew the secret to getting the card universe on your side, you would be an instant multi millionaire. However, since that’s not happening anytime soon, we will have to look at other things to help us win.

Watching the Blackjack cards being dealt while you quickly do the 1st grade math in your head is all fun and games until that one card comes up and ruins it all. The crazy thing is that we’re not even referring to a specific card, as any card that will turn your total into 16 is bound to stir up some emotions. Disappointment? Fury? Motivation?

For some reason, number 16 is considered a lucky one within numerology but we can all agree that it just doesn’t fly on the Blackjack table. Welcome to one of the most dreaded scenarios the game has to offer but if we can break it down for you and help guide you to more wins, bring it!

To Hit or Not to Hit

Shakespeare so elegantly once put it, to hit or not to it. Sure, it’s not the exact quote but it is definitely the question on your mind when you are staring down a 16. If Blackjack has a cursed number, it is this one and regardless of the strategy you are using, the odds will have you lose more hands than you win.

Luckily, BitStarz is here for the rescue and we will take a closer look at your options and try and decipher which is the preferred way to go about it.


With a hard 16, most experts will tell you to hit, especially if the dealer is showing a 7 or higher. This makes sense if you feel you can’t win with just a 16.

However, you will definitely not win if you bust, so going in all guns blazing isn’t always the best move because even if the deals has a smaller card (2-6) the odds of him going bust is around 35-42%.

Hit vs Stay

When you decide to hit on a hard 16, your odds of at least staying in the game sits around 25%. Your loss percentage on the other hand ends up at around 70% while the remaining 5% refers to a push.

What are the odds if I decide to stand? Ok, so let’s flip it and hold tight. This will increase your odds of winning to 29% but at the same time your losing odds also get a tiny bump up to 71% and there is no push.

When the Dealer Pulls a High Card

Is there ever a situation when you do want to hit? Of course there is and you have to be willing to take risks in order to succeed. If the dealer shows a card higher than 7, there is a slimmer chance of him going bust.

This is the time where you should hit and give yourself a chance. Yes, you may still lose but in the long run it will help you lose less.

Make It a Sweet 16

Like in life, there are no guarantees in the game of Blackjack but knowing your options and what the odds of winning are, should help you feel more confident about your decisions.

You are already aware of the fact that you are likely to lose when you are facing 16 and that’s fine. However, even if you do, your shot at redemption is only a hand away and hopefully the Blackjack Gods have returned by then and made sure your dream hand is coming up. After all, remember that sometimes one good hand is all it takes to break the bank!

Loaded With Opportunities

BitStarz is all about opportunities and there is an entire smorgasbord of Blackjack games waiting for a new champion and you can even put on a performance of the ages in one of our many live versions.

Play the odds and mix in some of that irreplaceable gut feeling and you will be more than fine!