Take a Bite out of the Deliciousness in Sweet Alchemy Bingo Slot

Candy Crush and other games may have been the inspiration behind this one but the Sweet Alchemy Bingo slot is highly capable of holding its own and is very entertaining. Some people say Bingo is an old people’s game, however we beg to differ. Sure, this isn’t your typical Bingo game but it’s the engine that makes the train go choo-choo and we love it!

To make the game pop, the team at Play’n GO made sure to add some special features. You can choose to play multiple cards, take a sip of the Elixir of Power bonus and make use of the extra ball purchase option. These features are all there to get you closer to the 5,000x your stake multiplier and €40,000 max win.

Are you ready to take the plunge into a world of all the colors of the rainbow colors and sweet tasting wins? Grab your cards and let’s create some magic!

High Octane Fun

This is a simple game that is mixing the classic Bingo game with a more modern slot, resulting in a perfect blend of colors and high octane fun. You will have the option of playing up to four different cards and you can play them all at once, really boosting your chances of having one of those amazing paydays.


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Unleash the Winning Numbers

Each of your cards will have 15 random numbers between 1 and 90. When the green action button is pushed, it’s time for the Alchemist to go to work. Thirty bingo balls will be unleashed from the magical cauldron and the numbers that match the ones on your cards will be checked off. If they form specific winning patterns, you are a winner.

Let the Extra Ball Help You Out

When all 30 numbers have been chosen, if you happen to be one number away from a win that is at least equal to 8x your card bet, you can give yourself additional chances. You can buy up to 13 extra balls which will heavily increase your chances of getting that win. You can push the collect button at any time and cash out.

Elixir of Power Bonus Round

When your winning numbers manage to form a certain pattern, it will trigger the Elixir of Power Bonus Round feature in which you will be able to get your hands on some tasty chocolate. Feast your eyes on 24 chocolate squares where your mission is to click and pick your way to the big wins. They may contain a cash prize or a multiplier boost of up to 5x but if you come across an X it’s game over.

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Let Them Fall Into Place

As you let the numbers fall and create the necessary winning patterns, remember you can create your own winning pattern with Slot Wars. Play, win, break into the top 40 on the leaderboard and get yourself a nice chunk out of the €5,000!