Take a Deep Dive Into the Magical World of Prosperity Pearl Slot

When was the last time you found a pearl worth €200,000? Everyone knows, just because you’re looking for pearls does not mean you will actually find one. We don’t know what the odds are to get lucky but we do know that your chances of finding one and making some real money are a lot better in the Prosperity Pearl slot.

Fresh out of the oyster-filled waters at Wazdan, the game is tagging along with the popular trend of Asian fusion. It’s not necessarily food related this time but it does merge a traditional Chinese theme with a more adventurous underwater action. You’ll find both a gambling and buy feature but the real excitement takes place in the Hold the Jackpot bonus round!

Let’s take a dive and find some pearls!

Gold Is the Currency

With an oxygen tank ready to supply you with more than enough air for you to stay below the surface for as long as you want, 5 reels are in charge of today’s entertainment. Gold is the currency of the day as the golden frog takes the spot as the most lucrative symbol.

The control panel is not quite a cockpit but you do have the ability to control both speed and volatility, which is a great feature.


Play Now

Knowing there are €200,000 pearls in play is definitely a motivating factor. You can use all of the €50 bet limit during your hunt and since we have already told you you can control the volatility, the table for success is already set. The game has a 96.18% RTP and 4,000x multipliers so let’s not waste any more time and let’s go to work!

How to Win the Jackpot

Picking up wins along the way can give you that nice, warm feeling but it’s not quite like landing a jackpot. With that said, let’s take a look at how you can get to the Hold the Jackpot showdown.

You need to land at least 6 of the white bonus pearls to get access to the bonus round. When that box is ticked, you will be staring at the reels and the pearls are the only symbols invited to the party. Begin with 3 spins but every time you land another pearl, your count will reset and you can keep going.

Play Now

Each of the pearls have a value attached and when you are out of spins, they will all be added up into a nice payout for you.

Black and Gold Pearls Are Here to Help

Besides the white pearls, there are bigger fish coming to play. Let’s say hello to Mini, Minor, Major and Grand jackpot. If you land one of these, they will be added to your total win amount and make your trip back up to the surface even better. Keep in mind, in order to get your hands on the big Grand jackpot, you need to fill the entire grid.

You may see a gold pearl, which will add all the accumulated value from your white pearls which is pretty sweet. If you see a black pearl, it will take on the values of all the others and double them. Cha-ching!

Double Your Winnings

Do you wish your wins were bigger? Consider yourself lucky! After each and every win, you can opt to put it on the line in a simple card game and just like that, you can double your money. Boom!

Head Straight to the Bonus Round

If you want to speed things up and want to see what the bonus round is all about, you can always take a shot at the buy feature. Set your bet level, pay the fee and head straight to the bonus round and the big bucks!

Laugh All the Way to the Bank

The Prosperity Pearls slot is a cute game with a lot of potential. With this much money up for grabs, there’s no wonder why players are already lining up along the shore. Get in there before all the pearls are gone and you will be laughing all the way to the bank!