Embrace the Explosion of Colors in the Festive Hot Fiesta Slot

If you feel you’re lacking some color in your life, have no fear amigo as it is all about to change. We can’t promise but we are pretty sure that you can find every color of the rainbow, splattered all over the latest creation from Pragmatic Play. Let’s open the door to the hot tamale known as Hot Fiesta slot.

It really doesn’t get any hotter than this as it’s not only great fun, the game is loaded like a piñata with a very enticing €400,000 max win! Free spins with wild multipliers and the ever so tempting Ante Bet will help you put on a show for the fans and all you have to do is swing as hard as you can and bust that piñata wide open.

Set Off the Fireworks

Mexico is known for their warm and friendly people and this particular village is throwing a party, just for you, with 5 reels and 25 paylines in focus. It’s a color fiesta for the ages and it brings an undeniable happy vibe with the local mariachi band supplying the tunes and confetti decorating the streets.

In terms of special symbols, it’s the piñata donkey that steals the show as the wild but if you want to make it to the bonus round, keep an eye out for the fireworks symbol.


Play Now

Bagging the €400,000 max win will no doubt make you bust out your best jarabe Tapatío in celebration. The high volatility and 96.56% RTP works wonders for this game and the €80 bet limit and 5,000x multiplier are there to help you win even more.

Explosive Multiplier Action

We have already mentioned the piñata donkey as the wild and this guy is far from shy and comes bearing gifts all throughout the night. His favorite ones are 2x, 3x and even 5x multipliers and they are all for you.

When you see more than one of these multipliers on the same spin, they will simply be added up for an even bigger one. The biggest one you can get is the 25x by getting 5 of the 5x. Yes, please!

How to Get Free Spins

Ok, enough pillow talk. It’s time to set off the fireworks and hit the free spins. Land 3 scatters and you will trigger the bonus round. How many spins you’ll get? Let’s take a look.

Play Now

Instead of getting a set amount, you will see a 3×3 grid setup of piñatas. One after the other, they will explode and reveal the number of free spins, add it all up and send you off to play. You can get anywhere between 9-27 spins, which is pretty good.

When it’s time for the free spins and one of the piñata multipliers shows, it will stay with you for the rest of your spins and will float around, finding a new position for every spin. If you can land more of them, do so, because they will add up for an even bigger win!

Increase Your Chances

WIth the Ante Bet involved, you can opt to top off your bet by activating the feature. This will double your chances of getting to the bonus round and that doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

We Are Sold

It’s always a party in Mexico and the Hot Fiesta slot is no exception. Fireworks, free spins, mariachi music and a ton of big wins… we are sold!

We suggest you join the party and don’t be afraid of letting loose. It’s fantastic!