Hunt for Spooktacular Wins with Fear the Dark Slot

In ancient Egyptian mythology, ghosts were thought to be the spirits of the dead who had not yet moved on to the afterlife. The Greeks believed in ghosts, called “shades”, and they claimed to be able to communicate with the living through dreams and other means. In Chinese folklore, ghosts were thought to be restless spirits who had been wronged in life and were seeking revenge.

Explore the haunted hallows of Fear the Dark slot from Hacksaw Gaming and don’t forget to watch out for those jump scares.

We see dead people

Whenever a Moon Man symbol appears on the reels, it will trigger the Full Moon mode, which will, in turn, activate between two and five symbol multipliers that will be highlighted above the reels and will each correspond to one of the slot’s high-paying symbols.


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Symbol multipliers will apply their multiplier to any win that includes corresponding symbols. Once there are no additional cascading wins, the symbol multipliers will be deactivated one at a time from left to right. Every time a symbol multiplier is deactivated, all corresponding symbols on the reels will be removed in addition to all low-paying symbols. This will continue until all symbol multipliers have been removed, at which point the Full Moon mode will be deactivated.

The appearance of three or more candle symbols will activate the slot’s free spins feature. Three candles will award 10 free spins while four will award 15. During a round of free spins, the chance that you will receive a Moon Man symbol will be increased.


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If you’re not keen on waiting for a round to find out what that noise was, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s bonus features.

Is Fear the Dark slot freaky or forgettable?

Hacksaw Gaming does have a tendency to be a little generic with some of their game releases. Fear the Dark slot does, unfortunately, suffer a bit from that. The theme just isn’t that original and the slot does very little to distinguish itself from the pack. The Full Moon mode is, however, a notable exception. The feature offers a great aesthetic change to the rather boring slot and the mechanic is an interesting one. I do, however, feel like it is a bit wasted on Fear the Dark slot.

The 5,000x max multiplier is not bad at all. If you’re betting at the €0.10 a spin minimum, you can expect a maximum win of €500 which isn’t life-changing, but it will buy you a few steak dinners. If you’re betting at the €50 per spin max, you’ll be playing for up to €250,000 in winnings. The slot also has medium volatility, giving it a nice balance between small consistent wins and those large less frequent wins. The slot has a 96.25% RTP.

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