We Are Soy Into the Hey Sushi Slot – You’re Shrimply the Best!

You know how they say it’s a bad idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Well, the same goes for playing slots because spinning the mouthwatering reels of Habanero’s latest release, Hey Sushi slot, just made us throw ourselves on the phone and place a massive order at our local Sushi hangout. This thing is Yummy!

What’s even better are the massive payouts so if you think about it it’s free sushi which is never a bad thing. Throw a bit of wasabi on the reels to spice things up, grab your chopsticks and treat yourself to the €65,200 max win! Today’s side dishes are multipliers, free spins and a whole bunch of cascading reels. Bon Appétit!

Let the Good Times Roll

All your favorite dishes are lined up in front of you on the 5 reels, ready to drive your tastebuds wild. If you are concerned about running out of food don’t worry, the game is using cascading reels so whenever you land a winning combo, refills are on their way. The crab chef is ready to prepare whatever your belly desires and is on standby on your left.

We mentioned the cascading reels and as long as you land more wins you can continue to spin for free. To make things even more appetizing there is a multiplier that increases with each win. The second cascade has a x2 multiplier attached while the third one has x3 and from the fourth and beyond, the maximum multiplier x5 will keep boosting your win!

Restaurants tend to close at the most inconvenient hours but this particular establishment is ready to serve Michelin star sushi and majestic wins 24 hours a day. Good to know!


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Sushi Free Spins – Rice to Meet You

Even sushi chefs need a break from time to time and when they do, what better way to keep you occupied than with some free spins. Three scatter symbols are needed to get there and the trick to your free spins is the same as during the base game. Keep the reels busy by landing wins and let the cascades work overtime and during your free spins, the multipliers are even higher!

Instead of the x5 you can get all the way up to x15 which is like transforming your wins from a California Roll at the corner deli to a Yellowtail Sashimi at Nobu.

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Add to Your Sushi Budget

If you are looking to increase your sushi budget even further, check out Slot Wars where you can get a slice of the €5,000 when you break the top 40 by the end of the week.