The Gold Coins Are Flowing in the Art Deco Papaya Pop Slot

Back in the 1920’s and 30’s, Art Deco was the hottest thing around and was the style used for a lot of the skyscrapers in New York City. Leo DiCaprio rocked the style as well during The Great Gatsby and since history has a tendency to repeat itself, Art deco is now fashionable once again. Gold has always played a crucial role and it is evident in more ways than one in the sparkling new gold mine, Papaya Pop slot!

The combination of the Gamble Wheel, multipliers and unlimited free spins is lethal so you better make sure you have room for all the cash. If that’s not enough, you can always take the buy feature shortcut!

Bagging the €210,840 max win is still only scratching the surface of the potential hiding in these reels, so if you haven’t been one before, you are about to become an Art Deco super fan!

Keeping Things Simple

While the speakers are pumping jazzy, ragtime music, it’s the stylish design that first grasps your attention and takes you back in time to Gatsby’s posh parties. Keeping things simple, Yggdrasil has chosen to give the 5-reel game a fruit machine look.

It may be fanciest looking fruit we’ve ever seen and you want to keep an eye out for the golden pear, which holds the highest value. However, the symbol only appears during free spins so in the base game, the title goes to the shiny pineapple.


Play Now

We have already teased you with the €210,840 max win and in order to get it, you want to pair the €20 bet limit and 10,542x multiplier. The Papaya Pop slot is a high volatility game with a 96.00% RTP.

Get a PopWin

You will get familiar with the PopWin feature as soon as you land your first winnin combination. Any symbol involved in the win will be removed, followed by a cascade of new ones. However, instead of a single symbol, the position will be filled with 2 symbols.

This will also result in an increased number of paylines and during free spins, it can reach as high as 118,098 paylines. Boom!

As long as the cascade leads to another win, the reels will keep on rolling.

Spin the Gamble Wheel

You need to open up all the reels to the max (6 symbols) in order to trigger unlimited free spins and a shot at the big bucks.

Before you can start counting the money, you will get a shot at the Gamble Wheel. This is where you can increase your multipliers and the starting size of the reels. Be careful, because if you loose, you won’t get any free spins at all.

Play Now

If you’re not happy with the first result, you can give it a last spin and take it all the way over to a starting 5x multiplier.

How to Conquer Unlimited Free Spins

All you get are 3 free spins but if you can land a win, the count will reset. For each win, your multiplier will get a +1 boost. With the PopWin active, you will have a better chance at winning as the reels will only drop down to the smallest reel after a winless spin.

The trick is to max out all 9 symbols on a reel because that’s what it takes to get a +2 increased multiplier instead of +1.

As long as you win, you can keep on spinning, so make sure you keep it going for as long as humanly possible and your pockets will be full in no time.

Buy Free Spins

It’s always nice knowing you can skip right to the free spins if you want, so remember the buy feature is always available. Just click the button on your bottom right, cough up the fee of 75x and you are on your way towards fame and glory.

A True Pleasure

The Papaya Pop slot is a great looking game. That’s a fact and even though fruit machines aren’t always the sexiest of games, we can’t help but loving this version. It’s a true pleasure to play.

Prepare for smooth game play, jazzy tunes and a whole bunch of wins. Good luck!