Hunt for Riches in The Last Quack

Do you remember Duck Hunt for the NES? It was a simpler time when all you needed was a steady hand and a good eye to rack up some serious points. It wasn’t about zombies or superheroes. It was just you, your trusty dog, and a plastic gun killing some ducks, which does sound darker than I intended. I’m not sure it would be something that you could market to children these days.

Luckily, The Last Quack slot from Mancala isn’t being marketed to children, and that has allowed the developers to create an R-rated Duck Hunt homage.

Let there be blood

When you shot the birds in Duck Hunt the result was a family-friendly puff of feathers. That’s not the case with The Last Quack. The game launches with Blood Mode activated. This results in the ducks exploding into a mist of flesh, blood, and feathers. You can deactivate the Blood Mode, but you will still have a severed duck head in the center of the screen to indicate how many ducks you have shot on each spin. It’s certainly not one for an animal lover.


Play Now

There’s nothing particularly complicated about The Last Quack. You click the play button, birds fly in from either side of the screen and a shot goes off that you have no control over. Each bird you hit will reveal its own winning amount which will be tailed together for your total win. Each bird will also be added to the meter at the top of the window. If you manage to hit six ducks with a single shot, your winnings will receive a 2x multiplier. Make it eight ducks and you’ll get an 8x multiplier and if you hit 10 ducks with a single shot your winnings will receive a 100x multiplier.

The game also has a bonus round that is triggered randomly on any spin that doesn’t result in at least one duck being hit. During each round of the bonus game, one random target will appear on the screen with any hits receiving a 5x multiplier. If you hit a duck with a crown on its head, you will receive 5 additional rounds.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for the ducks to come to you, the game also offers a buy bonus feature.

The Last Quack is graphic but glorious

I don’t have a single negative thing to say about The Last Quack! The theme is fun, the implementation is masterful, and the bonus features keep things interesting. It’s the perfect combination of nostalgia and brutal realism. I think I may have even gasped when the first duck exploded into a mist of blood, flesh, and feathers in front of me. It’s just such a unique take that really makes the game stand out from everything else available right now. This one is my favorite casino game of 2023, without any doubt, and has possibly even snuck into my top three of all time.

The game doesn’t offer ground-breaking max wins. The largest multiplier possible is just 220x. If you bet at the €200 per round max, you’ll be able to play for no more than €44,000. The game has an RTP of 95%.

If you’re looking for a few other fun Mancala games, I recommend giving the cyberpunk-themed Zero Day and the supernatural Séance: Mysterious Attic a try.