The Sweet Level Up Adventure is Heating Up!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are diabetic, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the Sweet Level Up Adventure and have had a few licks of the lolly already. We’ve already dished out the super-secret tips on how to level up faster and a few players have taken advantage of these tips already, blasting past the halfway mark!

The competition is really heating up as players push through the levels all in the hopes of being the first to reach level 40 and taking home that mountain of cash!

I Want €10K in Cold Hard Cash!

If you love to live life on your own terms, then you know how far €10,000 will take you. Whether you want to use it as a deposit on a property, to buy a brand-new car, to book a tasty adventure holiday of a lifetime or simply buy your loved ones a nice gift, €10k is so close to being yours. All you have to do is start speeding through the levels and be the first player to reach level 40 – but hurry, a few players are already well on the way!


Tons of Merch is Just Around the Corner

Ever wanted to walk around town looking like an absolute legend, showing off your BitStarz colors? Well, now is your chance to bag a highly coveted BitStarz hoodie. There are 10 up for grabs for the first 10 players to reach level 15. In case you’ve not seen one before, these hoodies are incredibly soft and snuggly, made of the highest quality materials we could possibly source. These hoodies will keep you more than warm enough through the coldest Arctic winter.


Next up, you need to set your eyes on nabbing one of the rather delicious BitStarz anti-theft backpacks. What better way to carry around all your sweets, treats and epic merch then in one of these bad boys. These anti-theft backpacks will protect your goods against a variety of theft attempts, meaning you can walk down the street without constantly worrying about your valuables!

How Can I Level Up Faster?

In case you missed it last week, we dished out the secrets on how you can level up faster in the Sweet Level Up Adventure. We know that you have a busy life, so we forgive you for missing that post. So, to make things even and to give you another chance to level up faster, we’re going to run you through the tips one last time. Slots count 100% towards your level up speed, while table games count 5%. So, if you want to go faster, you need to hit the tables – hard.

Play Now

Good luck out there, the levels are sweet and tasty, waiting for you to blast through them. As you level up, you’ll unlock slices of your individual €50k prize pool, giving you a much-needed boost!