The Ultimate Guide to Winning in Sic Bo at BitStarz!

Sic Bo is an ancient game and is one of the easiest games you can possibly play. Simply bet on what you think the outcome of the two die will be and you either win or lose – it’s legitimately that simple. But, there are ways to tip the scales of power into your favor and walk away recording more wins than losses. We’re ready to spill the beans on Sic Bo so you too can play like a pro and win bags of cash.

Ready? Let’s begin with the ultimate guide to winning in Sic Bo!

Playing it Safe Works Out Well

Playing it safe in any table game can be incredibly boring and the low payouts of 1:1 put some people off placing these bets. But, over time these smaller reward and safer bets will pay off. Safer bets in Sic Bo are either big/small or odd/even and come up virtually all of the time. While they do lose if there is any triple, you can offset this by placing a smaller stake on any triple which pays out at 30:1. These safe bets will help you win on the long run.

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Betting on All Numbers Doesn’t Always Pay Off

A tempting bet to place is a bet on all of the number outcomes – from 4 to 17. While on some versions of Sic Bo you can land a multiplier on these numbers, the chances of striking the multiplier is very slim and the return without the multiplier is often much lower than the stake to place this bet, So, this is one bet we do suggest avoid placing unless you happen to know that the next outcome will pay out at 12:1 or better – 4 to 7 and 14 to 17.

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Chasing the Big Payout is Risky

As with all high return bets, they can be very risky. If you place a bet on a specific triple, you can get a rather hefty payday of 150:1 and up to 180:1 on some other variants of online Sic Bo. If you must place this bet, we recommend placing two or three other bets alongside it. For example, if you place a bet on triple 4’s, place a bet on two numbers and a double. This will give you four chances of winning and has a better chance of paying out than simply betting on one outcome. Another bet you can place is to bet three units on 12, and two units each on double 1, 2, and 6. This bet has an impressive payout of 24:1. Remember, you can always mix up the numbers to create your own combos.

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Using these tips will give you the upper hand next time you’re playing Sic Bo and a better chance of taking home a win. No win or strategy is guaranteed, so make sure you have the bankroll to place the same bets for a few rounds in order to turn a profit.