Take On Bandits and Badasses in New Game El Vigilante Slot!

Heroes. We all need ’em when the going gets tough and the odds are overwhelming. Now some never should of seen the light of day (we’re talking about you Leather Boy, Frog-Man, and Arm-Fall-Off Boy), but luckily we’re onto a real winner with this one.

So strap on your pistolas and grab your swords, it’s time to kick bandit ass in El Vigilante slot from Kalamba Games!


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Ain’t no bandit around who can stand up to El Vigilante

This game is set in 19th century California and our hero helps good guys kick bad-guy ass. It’s no surprise then that the Wild symbol is our man-wielding twin swords and looking menacing. Oh, and the Bonus symbol is also him, but here he looks like Zoro on his horse. Too cool!

Land 3 or more Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels during the base game, and you’ll trigger the free spins feature (you’ll get 8 of ’em).

The next thing to look out for are the K-Cash symbols, which look like gold coins. The weird thing is that they’ve got an eagle and a snake on them which, as far as we know, is from the crest of Mexico rather than California. Be that as it may… When you get 6 or more of these appearing anywhere, they’ll lock in place. This sets off the feature and you’ll be awarded 3 K-Cash spins.


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Land additional ones during your spins, and it’ll reset the counter to 3. You’ll see gold coins falling down the reels, and there are some empty slots that you’ll need to fill. Those slots have specific multipliers, so each time a K-Cash symbol finds a home in a slot, the symbol gets multiplied by the multiplier. (Say that fast!)

Fill all the positions with attached multipliers, and that’ll land you a mini bonus. Lock all the positions on the grid, and that’ll get you a major bonus!

This brings us to the Cashpots feature. These also look like gold coins, but they have the word “Cashpot” written on them. They’ll appear on the reels during K-Cash spins, and when this happens, one of 4 Cashpots is randomly selected.

These take the form of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum and you’ll get this prize at the end of the K-Cash spins.

Now if working hard for a living is not your thing, then take advantage of the HyperBonus feature. You’ll be able to buy yourself K-Cash spins, as well as free spins. As long as you have the plata!


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Luck not on your side? HyperBonus your way to wins!

The other thing that’s pretty cool about El Vigilante slot, is that on the left, there’s this tab. Click on it, and you’ll be able to watch videos of the biggest wins that happened daily, monthly, or for all time.

El Vigilante slot has an RTP that ranges from 96.5 – 96.74%, the volatility is very high, and it boasts a top prize worth €101,360.

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