The Wonders of Handlebar Mustaches in The Wild Drifter Slot

What is it about cowboys that appeal to young kids? Is it the freedom? Or maybe it’s that you get to ride horses all day. Whatever it is, I was definitely one of those kids who wanted to be a cowboy. The more I’ve learned about the profession, however, the less enthusiastic I became. Between saddle rash and riding an animal that could kill you, it just seems to have lost its appeal.

Despite not wanting to be a cowboy anymore, I still love a good cowboy-themed slot. Relax Gaming has released a new entry into the genre with its The Wild Drifter slot release.

Get in the saddle

The Wild Drifter may be the only slot I have ever played where I wanted a few spins without a winning combination. The reason for this is that a global multiplier that starts at 1x increases by one with each non-winning spin. So, the longer you go without a winning combination, the larger your win multiplier will get.


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During a round of free spins, the global multiplier will be reset after each winning combination. However, during a round of free spins, it will continue to grow.

A round of the slot’s free spins feature is triggered with the appearance of three or more bonus symbols. In addition to the global multiplier continuing to grow throughout, free spins will also feature expanding wilds. When these wilds appear on the reels, they will become sticky and move left by one space with each spin. Once they reach position one, they will disappear.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for the big shootout, you can select to purchase a round of free spins with the buy bonus feature.

Is The Wild Drifter ready for the rodeo?

The Wild Drifter slot offers medium volatility. This means that the gameplay has a nice balance between small, consistent wins and the rare big wins. Thanks to the 20,000x max multiplier, you’ll be able to play for up to $250,000 in winnings betting at $12.50 a spin. If you’re going to be betting at the $0.25 a spin minimum, you’ll still have a shot at up to $5,000 in winnings. The slot has an RTP of 95.85%.

I really do love a good cowboy slot. They are very hit-and-miss, though. Some have a lot of thought put into them, while others do not. The Wild Drifter slot does stray onto the latter of those two paths. Thankfully, the global multiplier feature really does add so much to the gameplay. It’s a genuinely surprising feature, which is hard to say these days. I give this one a seven out of ten.

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