Walk on the Wild Side in RagingPop Slot

It’s a jungle out there, and it’s only getting wilder. Fortunately, you can now work from home and have everything you need delivered straight to your door with no requirement that venture into the wilderness of 2022. In fact, I’m delivering a new slot straight to your face with AvatarUX’s new slot RagingPop slot. This one is ferociously good!

Enjoy a virtual safari

The Pop in RagingPop slot refers to the AvatarUX-trademarked PopWins feature. It’s basically cascading wins with a twist, the twist being that every symbol involved in a winning combination disappears and is replaced with two symbols increasing the reel height. It’s basically mitosis of reel symbols. This process will continue to happen until there are no additional winning combinations or when the reels grow up and go to college at seven symbols high.


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If you’re looking for big wins, however, you’re going to need a multiplier or two. This is where the Raging Rhino feature comes in. On any spin, the reels can randomly grow to between 5 and 7 symbols high. When that happens, multipliers up to 500x will appear on the reels. A stampede of rhinos will then steam through and the one multiplier remaining will be applied to the next spin. The multiplier is applied to each and every PopWin during that spin. Once the spin is complete, the multiplier will disappear.


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While you’re keeping a look out for the stampeding rhinos, you’ll also want to watch out for bonus symbols that will unlock a round of free spins. Three or more bonus symbols will unlock between 10 and 25 free spins. Once unlocked, you’ll have a chance to claim your spins or gamble for a chance at even more spins. But beware, you may win more spins, but you may also lose all your spins.

If you’re not keen on waiting around for a round of free spins to be triggered, you have two options. First, you can toggle the Double Chance to Win Free Spins switch in the bottom-left corner of the reels. This will, unsurprisingly, double your chance of triggering free spins. There’s a catch, though. Your bet per spin when the feature is activated will be doubled. The slot also has a standard buy bonus feature that allows you to outright buy a round of free spins.


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Is RagingPop slot wild or witless?

RagingPop slot may just have jumped into my top ten slots of all time. It’s astonishingly good. The graphics are amazing. Each element of the slot is designed to give the maximum impact during gameplay and AvatarUX doesn’t put a foot wrong in that regard. The animation is also great managing to turn something as simple as the symbols being removed from the reels into a dramatic show that’s fun to watch each and every time. There’s also an abundance of bonus features that are as lucrative as they are entertaining.

There’s a small speedbump with some high volatility bringing things down, but that’s quickly overcome thanks to a healthy 96.04% RTP and a huge 20,000x max multiplier. You add a max win of €200,000 that you can chase betting at just €10 a spin and the whole package comes together beautifully. RangingPop slot is one that you need to check out for yourself!

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