The Alter Ego Slot: Big Personalities Mean Big Wins!

The Alter Ego slot, the game that does not mention Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde yet, is so obviously based on the infamous Victorian tale.

Why so secretive Pragmatic? The game description is so covert about its theme that you’d think they were protecting state secrets.

All they give us is: “Heading back in time, players are transported to an old-fashioned street under moonlight”. C’mon, guys, have some faith in us…

You could earn up to $340,000 as you navigate through a world so drenched in gothic horror that you’d expect Dracula to pop out, offering you a cup of tea and a side of existential dread.

Now that the scene’s been set, shall we take it away?

Big personalities = big wins

Pragmatic Play might be keeping hush-hush about the infamous schizophrenic inspiring this game, but the characters, settings, and symbols say it all.

Unless, of course, there’s another serum-inventing doctor from 1880 trying to suppress their evil alter ego that I didn’t know about? Hell, if Travis Kelce could land Taylor Swift, then I guess anything is possible.

Speaking of possibilities, The Alter Ego slot is shrouded in excellent but mysterious features, which include unlimited free spins, potent powers, and secret modifiers.

I had an awesome time testing this game out, and so did my other personality!


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Inside the mind of “the good guy”

Since we aren’t calling him Dr. Jekyll, I’ve dubbed him “the good guy”, and he’s the one the base game is about. Keeping things tame, true to the story, the base game in this 96.07% RTP slot isn’t bursting at the seams with features, but it does offer us 567 ways to win.

Spinning with him, we’ll come across Pocket Watches, Rifles, Top Hats, and the Card Deck Royals – all very vintage.

The best we’ll get from the base game is the Wild, I reckon. But sanity is only temporary, because the minute you land 3 to 5 Scatter Serums, big winning chaos will consume!


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Wait ‘till “he” comes out to play

It’s time to introduce the ultimate alter ego, the baddie, the evil genius responsible for taking our game to new levels of insane! The bonus game is centered around Mr. Hyde, as you can tell by his ominous presence.

I mentioned earlier that the free spins were unlimited. Here’s how I got to that conclusion…
You’re granted 3 initial free spins to play with, but every time a Red Potion symbol lands on the reels during the free spins, you’ll get respins which all begin to add up to one hell of a Free Spins bonus game, hopefully dripping in big wins!

You’ll also notice the grid start to change in shape and size. This is because each reel that’s graced with the Red Potion expands giving us more room to create combinations.

Finally, the Mystery symbol, represented by a Question Mark, could also land in the Free Spins round, and once it does, it’ll reveal a random paying symbol.


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Two-faced? Who cares?

Call Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde what you want. Or be like Pragmatic Play and don’t call them anything… Just use the slot to talk the talk, because it could have you losing your mind over its very high volatility.

Should you manage to cripple that, then you’ll be a very rich player all thanks to Pragmatic Play’s brilliant craftsmanship in The Alter Ego slot, and the twists and turns you’d only expect from a classic schizophrenic.