Spin the Bonus Wheel for Megabucks in the Dragon Legend Slot

We are hooked! Koi ponds are known to be peaceful and to bring luck into your life but the one in the Dragon Legend slot takes it to another level. As the kois gently glide through the waters below the reels, they seem completely unaware of the danger that lurks above the surface. Sure, the dragon isn’t overly cuddly, but we are referring to the dangerously big payouts!

This pond isn’t just covered in fish, but also a ton of big wins and the dragon is responsible for most of them. Does a €300,960 max win sound like something you would be interested in? Get to the bonus round and try your luck on one of the best bonus wheels in the business, hosted by the dragon himself.

Start spinning and find out why this dragon is a legend!

Take a Moment

In a tranquil setting like this, you would never expect a dragon but you will definitely hear him as you start to win. The great graphics can be a distraction so remember there are 5 reels and 9 paylines to focus on, but do take a moment to soak up all that is going on. Kudos PG Soft!

If you are wondering if there is any obvious luck exuding from the presence of the koi fish, one clear way of detecting it is through the 97.17% RTP. Throw in a €180 bet limit and a 1,672x multiplier and you can tell where this is going.


Play Now

The €300.960 max win is just the beginning, so give the dynamic duo of koi fish and dragon a chance to show you their magic powers.

Get Your Koi Pair Free Spins

For all Asian themed slots, yin and yang usually place a big part and the same goes for this slot, although not quite in a way you’re used to.

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If you can land a gold and silver koi, next to each other, they will form the shape of yin and yang and give you 2 free spins with a 2x multiplier on all wins. Nice!

Spin the Dragon Bonus Wheel

You don’t want to miss the bonus wheel so make sure to land 3 of the bonus symbols to trigger the feature. The dragon is in charge of the spinning and you will get 5 spins to start with.

The wheel is divided into sections of both koi fish and cash prizes. If you land on a cash prize, it will be added to your win total. Land on a fish and it will be sent to the middle of the wheel, with it’s section being replaced with a cash value.

Play Now

When you get both fishes in the middle, you will get an additional 2 free spins and you will level up to a wheel with even bigger prizes!

Team up With the Dragon for Epic Prizes

This is a great looking slot and the bonus wheel is where the big bucks hang out, especially if you can level up.

In other words, if you are looking for a great game with lots of big wins, look no further than the Dragon Legend slot!