Tiny Racer, Take Your Mark in Iggy Racing Slot!

As the proud owner (full-blown mollycoddling mother) of an Italian Greyhound, aka Iggy – I couldn’t wait to check this slot out and share my very unbiased thoughts about it with you.

Iggies are fast. Very fast. Despite their miniature stature and toothpick legs, they were born to run… I know this ten-fold. Trying to put a jersey on my skin, bone, and uber toned dog is basically a casual 10km marathon around my house every day. Fun.

All jokes aside, this breed is a real beauty, and Iggy Racing slot will show you why. Tiny racer, on your mark. Get set. Go!

What’s cuter than pocket-sized greyhounds?

Honestly, maybe flying squirrels. But that’s about it for me. Greyhound racing is nothing new in the betting industry, and Italian Greyhound racing is also becoming quite the sport to watch. So, Onlyplay brought it to the reels for us slot-lovers to enjoy.

Fine, the maximum win is a much lower €30,000, and the features are pretty standard. But I can watch these speedy specimens all day. And I can thank Kylie Jenner for that. Normy made it normal for us all to own Iggies.

Personally, I’d rather turn my fur-child into an Instagram influencer than have her race competitively. My baby is made for pampering.

But each to their own. I guess in the spirit of spinning and winning, these little buddies will make you proud. Their instincts are strong, and bunnies do not stand a snowball’s chance in hell.


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Why do Iggies need muzzles?

Now we’re taking things a little far, don’t you think, Onlyplay? Their bite force is about equal to that of a mouse. What kind of damage do you suppose these tiny animals can do? Maul your face off? Amputate a finger?

Nope. Chewing a bone takes a good year for full completion. They do not need muzzles. So here’s an inaccuracy red flag. The rest is spot on, though. The expressions, the coloring, the cuteness.

This all leads me to the Random Wilds feature – because this is where you’ll see the muzzles. SMH.

This is one of two big features this medium volatility slot offers, and it involves racing dogs running across the reels on a random spin, throwing out Wilds in their tracks for you to win with.


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Chase the bunnies for the big bonus

Bunnies are Iggies’ best friends, but the feeling is not mutual. Consider the dog, the hunter, and the rabbit, the hunted.

And this plays out well in the lead-up to the Free Spins feature in Iggy Racing slot. You’ll need to secure 3, or more Rabbit Scatters on the reels to receive up to 20 Free Spins. And with these dogs on the loose, that shouldn’t be hard to do.

The grid will shrink to 3 reels during the Free Spins feature, with the central reel displaying a giant symbol. Sometimes dynamite comes in small packages.


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Who let the dogs out?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports better, a Tika the Iggy lover, or a slot spinner looking for a new theme to tame – Iggy Racing slot should be on your list of things to play.

With adorably tiny racers, two cool bonus features, and tons of fun, you won’t regret spinning for wins in this 95.32% RTP slot.

Yeah, the wins aren’t massive, but I’d say ok to €30k, any day!