BitStarz Big Free Bitcoin Giveaway is Over, Did You Win?

As you all know, BitStarz is a place where excitement and epic promotions are in constant flow. We see no reason to slow down now, so we blasted into 2020 with another BIG promotion. This time around we gave away a whopping 1 BTC, spread across 50 players. All you had to do was complete a few tasks and that was it, you were in the draw. Now is the time that you’ve all been waiting for. The entries are in, the draw has taken place and the lucky winners have been chosen to receive a fresh batch of 20 mBTC each!

We would like to send out a massive congratulations to all the winners. On the other hand, if your name were not amongst the lucky ones this time around, keep your chin up as the roles could very well be reversed next time around.

Congratulations to the All Winners

If for some reason you are not sure if your name was drawn, just head over to our Bitcoin Giveaway page and take a closer look at the results. To top it off, we have also sent out congratulatory emails to the 50 lucky players winning 20 mBTC so if you didn’t receive an email like this, chances are that you are not a winner this time around.

There is no need for sulking as the next great BitStarz promotion is never far away, and the planning for another Bitcoin giveaway is already in the works. Keep your eyes open and get ready to throw your name in the mix for another round of delicious free Bitcoin.

A Wonderland of Promotions

As much as we wish all of you could have won, there is no time to feel deflated, as the flow of promotions at BitStarz is steadfast and the prizes are still as epic as they come.

Coming up we’ve got our brand new Japan Level Up Adventure that can send you and a friend on a once in a lifetime trip to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. The fun doesn’t stop there as there will also be €50,000 in individual prize pools and a bunch of trendy BitStarz merchandise up for grabs.

An experience like this doesn’t come around very often, just ask the world’s greatest athletes. Make sure you seize the moment and fight your way through the levels to be on a flight towards the ultimate Olympic experience in one of the world’s most vibrant cities!

Stay Tuned for More!

Being the undisputed champion of epic promotions, even blinking may be enough for one of them to slip by you. To ensure this doesn’t happen, be sure to subscribe to our emails and follow us on our social media channels. Since you want to be the first to know about all the excitement, this will give you an advantage when the next promotion comes around. After all, you have to be in it to win it!

Once again, we tip our hats and raise a glass to all the winners and fingers crossed for next time to all the rest of you. This is a new year and we promise it will be our biggest one so far, so stay tuned and best of luck!