The Demi Gods IV Christmas Edition Slot Has Something to Prove

Being a Demigod sounds like a pretty good deal, at least on paper. The question is, would it be? Having one human parent and the other being a God might cause some very interesting domestic situations. Perhaps the Demi Gods IV Christmas Edition slot is as close as we should get!

With features like win multipliers, synced reels, power spins and free spins, this slot has a way of making you feel divine in its own way and with a €200,000 max win, you will definitely feel untouchable.

Take a look for yourself and see if you get the same vibe!

Prove That You Belong

Athena, Artemins, Hermes and Apollo are all here for the holidays to make sure you will have a Christmas you will never forget. If you can prove you can walk among them and keep up with their antics, they will make sure to reward you.

This is a great looking 6 reels, 50 paylines slot. There is a slight chance that all of their Demigod’s Instagram accounts have been hacked, considering the amount of profile pics and selfies. Pretending your social media has been hacked is a classic way of getting people to talk about you, true hollywood tactics.


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Would a juicy €200,000 max win buy your silence? Perhaps, but let’s cross that bridge when you get there. There is also a 4,000x multiplier hiding in the game and with a 96.30% RTP and medium volatility involved, hunting down the big wins is pretty exciting.

Roll With the Demigods

So how do these demigods roll? Well, first of all they do seem to be massive fans of features because there are a lot of them and you won’t hear us complaining about it.

There are a few that can be randomly activated in the base game and since they are all put there to help you land some nice wins, let’s take a look at what they are.

Win Multiplier: This will give you up to a 4x multiplier for any win during a specific round.

Synced Reels: Up to 4 reels can be synced at the same time and show as big symbols.

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Power Spin: Based on the Power Spin level, it will remove certain symbols for bigger wins.

How to Trigger the Free Spins

Two bonus symbols are all you need for the free spins to be triggered, but make sure they land on reel 1 and 6. Prepare to win big with 10 free spins but before you get to them, there is a wheel to be spun.

Spin the Magic Wheel

In order to decide what feature will be added to each of your free spins, you need to spin the Wheel of Features. All of the features you have seen above, plus extra free spins, are applicable so max out your opportunities by getting something good.

Can I Have Another Spin?

Sure you can! You do have the option of buying another spin but you only have two attempts at this, so make the most of it.

Time to Find Out

It is time to find out if you are a God, Demigod or a plain Jane. Your results will speak for themselves so prove it to everyone else but mostly to yourself, that you do belong in a divine category. Good luck!