Use These Tips to Level Up Faster in Spring Break Cancun!


The allure of heading on a luxurious trip to Cancun with that special someone is too great a temptation to pass up on – we would hate to see you miss out. So, we have done our research, tested out some methods, and have finally cracked the system so you can level up faster in Spring Break Cancun. Put these top tips to the test and watch as you race through the levels, all the way to the top.

As a thank you for tipping you off, feel free to bring us along with you to Cancun – you know you want to!

Spin the Reels for Maximum Speed

Leveling up in Spring Break Cancun is all about wagering, and the slots give you the best chance to do that. 100% of slot wagers count towards the wagering requirement to level up, while table games count 5% towards the wagering requirements. If you’re risking €400 per hand in a table game, that gives you the same level up speed as a single €20 slot spin – so choose carefully. Games with ultra-turbo mode will help you hit the wagering requirements even faster, meaning you will definitely have the best chance to be the first player to reach Level 40 and scoop the luxurious Cancun vacation.

Bag Bigger Rewards

If you’re going to reach the top, you’re going to need to conserve your cash flow – or at least maximize your winnings. Not all games payout the same, as some are highly volatile – meaning they payout less frequently, but they payout in large amounts. Keep an eye on the hot and cold slots to formulate a strategy and to pick the games that are most likely to dish out a bumper payday. Alternatively, you can always hunt the biggest wins of them all by playing jackpot games – Mega Moolah slot hands out millions every month and it’s a pretty fun slot too!

It’s Yours to Win!

It’s all to play for in Spring Break Cancun, as the completion is still wide open. So far only one player has made it to level 25 to claim a comfy BitStarz hoodie, will you be the second? Put these ultimate tips to the test and watch as you fly through the levels – just don’t forget to take us with you to paradise when you win big!

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