Volcanic reels erupt with monstrous wins in Spinosaurus slot!

It’s mind-boggling to think that a chicken could be the closest living relative to the mighty t-rex. But it’s true – we Googled it! It took millions and millions of years for this 40-foot carnivorous reptilian beast to evolve into a 6-piece bucket of KFC. So much for fast food! That being said, we’re thankful for this transformation. Can you imagine a bucket of fried Tyrannosaurus? Eww!

Anyway, enough of whatever that was! We’ll consult a professional about our issues later… For now, welcome to the spine-chilling Spinosaurus slot, where the only thing “fried” will be your mind after hearing about these sensational payouts in this scale-tipping slot from Booming Games.

Dino-mite symbols for explosive wins

Enter the game to find 5 reels with 3 rows planted at the foot of a volcano in a setting that looks like a scene from Jurassic Park. There are 20 paylines with 8 paying symbols in the game, and payouts are formed by landing 3 identical symbols on adjacent reels from the left.


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Major symbols include a triceratops, a velociraptor, a tyrannosaurus (the ancient chicken), and the spinosaurus, which is, of course, the highest-paying symbol in the slot. The minor symbols are four fossilized footprints, one for each of these megalithic beasts. The minor symbols may seem rather dull at first, but this game has an upgrading symbol feature – just wait until you see what these can do!

The wins stampede onto the reels

When you see the reels shaking, it’s a good idea to take a step back. One of 2 random events are about to take place, and things are going to get a little dangerous. Remember we mentioned the upgrading symbols? Now check this out!

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One of the four dinosaurs could come stampeding across the reels with earth-shattering force. When this happens, all footprint symbols on the reels that match the dinosaur will upgrade to their corresponding major symbols to award bigger wins. Up to 10 symbols can be transformed, and the high volatility could see you trampled with a mega win so keep your wits about you!

Egg-stra big wins hatch when the pterodactyl flies

Now for the second random event, and this one is going to blow you away. The reels will start shaking again, but when you see the gust of wind then you know the pterodactyl is on its way. While flying by, the pterodactyl could drop up to 15 eggs on the reels.

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When these eggs hatch, they will transform into Wild symbols to improve your chances at a bigger payout. In some cases, the pterodactyl could fly by without dropping any eggs, this is considered a “teaser” and no Wilds will be awarded. It seems these dinos still have a sense of humor – even after being extinct for 65 million years!

Land the volcanoes to get the reels erupting with wins!

The Scatter symbol is represented by the volcano image. Landing 3 or more of these on the reels will trigger the free spins bonus game. The Scatter symbols need to and on reels 1, 3, and 5, and each Scatter will display a number. All these numbers will then be added together to award between 8 and 12 free spins.


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The sky will turn red and the volcano in the background will erupt, letting you know that things are about to heat up very quickly. All the random events will still be randomly triggered during your free spins, and between us, it seems like there’s a lot more of them during this bonus game, and the considerable 95.48% RTP is working hard to herd these dinos onto the reels.

Get Jurass-in the winner’s seat today!

There’s 1 more thing you should know about before you embark on your journey, and it’s the massive €250,000 max win lurking around the reels. Manage to catch this beast of a payout and your money troubles will go extinct. Now head to Spinosaurus slot and get that volcano to erupt with colossal wins – you’ve got some dinos to catch!