Watch Out for Flying Cows and Big Wins in the Windfall Slot

Things can get a bit wild and scary when a tornado is closing in on the farm. Normally that would mean complete and utter destruction but this time, instead of seeking shelter, seize the moment and let the winds take your game to another level. It’s all happening in the Windfall slot by Blueprint Gaming.

Sure, the occasional cow can be flung through the air, giving a whole new meaning to the milkshake, but so can a €250,000 max win so with positive thinking, the bad weather can actually be very fruitful for you.

The Wind Is Picking Up

It might not look like much but built with 5×3 reels and 10 paylines, the farm should be sturdy enough to keep you safe. This isn’t the farmers first rodeo by any means and he knows tornado season can also come bearing gifts and it has been known to bring quite the amount of money to its players.

Strong winds means high volatility and with an above average 96.40% RTP and a 2,000x multiplier to hold on to, life on the farm can be a ton of fun. Stay close to the reels and you might come out on the other side with the €250,000 mix win on your arm.


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How to Harvest the Big Wins

A lot of features tend to stay away in this type of weather but for the players who dare to head outside, their bravery shall be rewarded. Keep an eye out for the windfall symbol as this is the farm’s scatter and the key to the big wins.

It only takes one of the symbols to get things going and trigger the Windfall feature.

A tornado will sweep across your screen and go bananas on the reels. Due to its unpredictability, a random number of symbols will turn into wilds. Needless to say, that means your wins will soon pick up and you can collect the aftermath after it has gone.

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Fly Across the Screen

Despite the very serious tornado theme, this is an uplifting game and with flying cows, how could it not be. The game is not rocking a lot of features, but the Windfall feature is definitely capable of taking care of that on its own and when the leaves start to fly across the screen, get ready to win.

Remember that your success on the farm will help you progress in Slot Wars. Secure a spot in the top 40 by the end of the week and grab a slice out of the €5,000 up for grabs.