Welcome to BitStarz, SmartSoft Gaming

This year, we’re cranking up our collaborations and finding new exciting game types for you to try out. And this time, we think we’ve outdone ourselves. So, give a huge BitStarz welcome to our newest game partner SmartSoft Gaming.

To introduce SmartSoft to you, the BitStarz community, we’ve added three new slots from the provider to whet your appetite. That’s just the start, though. SmartSoft has a library of content that we can’t wait to tap into. So, enjoy the games we’ve already added, and keep your eyes out for more to come!


Sitting on the can or need to blow through a couple of minutes while you wait for your caramel latte with extra cream? Well then, Balloon is for you. The mechanics are about as simple as you can make a casino game.


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There is a balloon and a button. You choose how much you want to bet, and then you click the button. The balloon will then inflate and pop to reveal whether you won or not. It’s that simple. There are no bonus features, free spins, or special symbols. Just a button and a balloon. It’s online casino entertainment in its most distilled form!

Moon Stone slot

Just when you thought that SmartSoft was all about simple games, they go and throw Moon Stone slot at us. This five-reel slot has a voodoo vibe with some incredible graphics that include a fully animated skulled wizard beast (that’s my best description at least).


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The slot doesn’t have a large range of bonus features, but it does have a solid free spins feature that awards up to 25 free spins. It also has a cascading wins mechanic that removes symbols of winning combinations and drops new symbols in their place for a shot at multiple wins from a single spin. All in all, Moon Stone slot is a solid game with some really incredible graphics.

Viking Slot

Probably their most ambitious release to date, Viking slot includes a fully animated viking and his pet wolf both of which are incredibly detailed. The viking also carries a flaming torch with some incredibly realistic fire.


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The slot is built around avalanche wins, which are also known as cascading wins – just like Moon Stine. This feature removes the symbols of winning combinations with new symbols falling into their place giving you multiple chances to win. In Viking slot a win multiplier will increase with each consecutive avalanche up to a maximum of 5x your winnings.

With the appearance of three or more bonus symbols, you’ll unlock a round of ten free spins. During free spins, the avalanche win multipliers will be increased up to a maximum of 15x your winnings. Still not an abundance of bonus features but it’s my favorite of their slot games to date!

More adventures to come

Are you hungry for more? Well, we’re just getting started. With our partnership with SmartSoft Gaming now confirmed, we’ll be adding new releases and a few games from their library in the coming months. You don’t have to worry about missing an announcement, though. Just check back on the BitStarz SmartSoft Gaming page regularly to keep up to date with the latest games.