The Rave Slot: Trippy Techno and Laced Lollipops for Everyone!

What the hell did I just play? Oh man, when I heard there was a new Nolimit City slot, I mentally prepared myself for what I might be in for. I wasn’t prepared enough. I’ll say that.

Honestly, can you ever really be ready for a new release from the kings of crazy creativity? They operate like Tarantino, dropping jaws and hits one after the next.

My sister was more of a ‘raver.’ I was never one for bumpin’ beats and psychedelics. At least now I know what she’s been up to for the last 25 years… And it’s not Corporate Law.

After seeing The Rave slot, I’m surprised she’s alive. I’ve got one twister sister. Anyway, DJ Beefy D!ck is in the house – let’s go techno!

A night you won’t remember, a game you won’t forget!

No words will do this Nolimit City slot justice. You just have to play it. So let’s call this review a ‘teaser.’ Literally, I have no words… It’s bent my brain. And you know you’ve done something right to render a writer speechless.

I cannot think of one thing Nolimit City missed in The Rave slot. It has everything, from the smoke machines, laser beams, filthy beats, high-as-hell DJ (called Beefy D!ck no less), and rave-goers who are way too merry on molly.

Pop a pill, roll up your sleeve, do what you will – but the features can take you on the trip of a lifetime for wins of up to €332,000 on their own.


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Drop the bass. It’s Murder on the Dancefloor!

The base game is pumpin’ with features, like Drop the Bass. Drop the Bass is the Scatter symbol, and landing two of these on the reels activates them and transforms them into Enhancer Cells.

What are these, your muddled mind may wonder? They’re kind of like a drug, there to improve the experience (depending on who you ask).

Enhancer Cells will uncover one of Nolimit City’s signatures: xWays, xSplit Wilds, Wild, or a high-paying Character Symbol to help you stomp out some big wins.

But that’s not all the base game this 96.05% RTP slot offers… You can guarantee a Scatter to land on the second reel in every spin for a cost of an extra 20%. You can also get Busted.

If you manifest a screen covered in xWays Wilds, you will instantly be rewarded 41,500x your bet. Holy molly – you’re Busted!


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God is a DJ. Life is a messed-up mirrorball!

There are 2 Bonus Games in The Rave slot, Murder on the Dancefloor, and God is a DJ. But before we get into those, how is the winning screen? Dreams, Love, S3x… Wait until you win bigger – things get stranger.

Big wins go from raving to beach-chilling, to sex dreams, to full-blown psychedelic madness. I’m sure you’ve all been on that ‘spiritual journey’, ya know when the mushrooms kick in.

Murder on the Dancefloor is triggered when 3 Scatters land on the reels. Plenty of Enhancer Cells will have you rushing like a school kid sniffing glue sticks, and there will be Free Spins to make money mayhem with. Multiple multipliers will be added whenever a Character Symbol lands in an Enhancer Cell. They will increase when an xSplit lands.

Other features could come into play here: the Mashup, Sidechain, or Crossfader. Expect transforming symbols, linked reels, and Wilds with these.

God is a DJ, on the other hand, requires 5 Scatters, where 5 Enhancer Cells will be dropped. Only high-paying symbols, xWays, Wilds, or xSplit symbols will land here. You can get additional spins, added multipliers, and you’re guaranteed to get either the Mashup, Sidechain, or Crossfader feature.


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Dreams, Love, S3x!

Nolimit City, and this slot, are completely insane. And I love it! Despite the swervy characters and drug-induced madness, the provider is considerate enough to warn players prone to photosensitivity that there are flashing lights in the game.

What a contrast… Mental but compassionate. As you’d expect, The Rave slot has extreme volatility, making things hectic AF.

But is it worth the trip? Oh yeah!