Flip the Switch and Win with Neon Light Fruits Slot

Oh, how I wish I was born when disco clubs were the norm. Sure, you can go to a retro evening with all the geriatrics that were there when they were cutting edge. But I’m talking about when these neon cathedrals to disco were the only place to spend a Friday night. When bell-bottoms and bad perms were everywhere, and the sterile douchebags that infect modern clubs were yet to be inflicted on the world!

Without access to a time machine, I am forced to feed my neon craving elsewhere, and Neon Light Fruits slot from Mancala may just be the groovy ticket I need.

As unique as the disco ball

The designers behind Neon Light Fruit slots aren’t, from what I can see, all that interested in following the rules and norms of slot games. This gives the slot something that very few can offer, a completely unique playing experience.


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Let’s start off at the beginning. The slot’s appearance is unique. It’s built around a small 4×4 grid, and when the reels are spun, two one-symbol reels on either side are also spun. The left one-symbol reel awards a random multiplier from 1x to 4x your bet, while the right gives you the chance to win 0 to 15 free spins.

Then there’s the winning mechanic. Anytime you spin a winning combination, all symbols involved in it will be locked in place, and the reels respun. If you add additional symbols to your winning combination, those will also be locked in place and reels respun again. This gives you the chance to get an “All-Same” win which will come with a 2x multiplier.


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Then there’s the free spins feature. Once you manage to grab a round, you’ll see an addition is made to the left side of the reel with an accumulated multiplier added. Any multiplier that appears on the one-symbol multiplier reel will be added to the accumulated multiplier giving you a shot at some large multipliers!


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Does Neon Light Fruits slot turn you on?

It’s just a fruit slot, right? Wrong! Neon Light Fruits slot is incredibly innovative and wicked fun to play. The graphics are also surprisingly great. The slight movement in the background gives it an incredible amount of depth and interest. The slot also offers low to medium volatility giving you a steady stream of wins as you chase that impressive €230,500 max win.

There is a small nitpick. The slot offers a fairly low 922x max multiplier, meaning you’ll have to bet at €250 a spin to take a shot at that healthy max win. That’s not great, but it is a small price to pay for the sheer joy I got from playing the slot. It’s possibly my favorite release of the year and may even make it onto my top five slots of all time.

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