Lines is a Casino Game Like No Other

Crash games have become increasingly popular with game providers coming up with some truly unique takes on the game type. Last week, Kalamba released one of the most interesting to date with its new Deep Rush game. This week, Hacksaw released Lines which is an equally unique take on the game type. It’s the golden age of crash games and I, for one, am here for it.

The lines will be drawn

The gameplay in Lines is about as simple as it gets, but the mechanics offer almost endless possibilities. At its most basic, Lines requires you to first select whether you’ll want to bet on one, two, or three lines. You’ll then be required to set a minimum line length on each of your selected lines. The lines will then be drawn and any payout awarded. In order to receive your payout, every line needs to exceed your set minimum. If you place a three-line bet and two lines exceed the minimum, but the third doesn’t, then you won’t receive a payout.


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The size of your payout depends on how close your set minimum is to 100 and how many lines you are betting on. If you only bet on one line within a set minimum close to zero, a very small multiplier will be applied to your bet amount if you win. However, if you select three lines, and they feature a set minimum of 80, then you can expect some large payouts.

If you max out the set minimums on all three lines, the game will show a potential multiplier of 120,000x your bet. However, it will not let you place this bet. Lines features a hard multiplier cap of 5,000x. You won’t be able to place any bet that exceeds that multiplier cap.

Is Lines worth the length?

I remember when I played my first crash game. It was a rocket ship that blasted off, and you’d have to predict when it would blow up and abort the launch just before. I really thought that the game type didn’t have much more to give. I was wrong. Lines offers a crash game experience that almost feels like sports betting. You’re able to place single bets or multi bets just as you would when placing a bet on your favorite sport. The results are also produced in such an interactive way that you can feel a lump in your throat as you watch each line being drawn one at a time. I’ll definitely be coming back for more Lines!

Lines has variable volatility, which means that you can choose to place bets with low volatility which will get you small consistent wins. If you place high volatility bets, you may win big, but the wins will be few and far between. If you bet at the €50 a round maximum, you’ll be able to play for up to €250,000 in winnings. The game has a 96% RTP.

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